Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Study of Regret

We've all been there. That moment where you do something thinking it was the right thing to do, but after a few weeks, months, or a year realize that it was a bad choice and regret takes over. For some it only takes weeks, but for others it takes months.

I've witnessed this a million times not just from myself, but also with ex-lovers.

I know, I know I seem to bring them up quite often in posts, but with my experiences, I've become quite an expert.

Case #1 The First Idiot

(A face only a mother would love).

The first person I ever kissed and this idiot never gave me a reason for the break-up. I cry for a few months, lose weight and go back to school looking hot. The idiot wants to be friends, we "are" on my forward to like 5-6 years later, I add him on Facebook and randomly get a message from him telling me how very sorry he was for what he had done to me and yada yada yada...

Regret? Yes. He very much regretted what he had done to me and he also realized what he lost when he saw me looking hot during our school years.

Case #2 The Cheating Bastard

(I didn't know the circus was here!)

This must have been one of my most pathetic relationships yet. We lasted for a bit until I found out he was cheating (hence, the title). I confronted him and pushed him out of my life. About a month later I received a message from him saying how horrible and guilty he felt and yadda yadda yadda...

Regret? Yes. He felt so depressed about what he had done that he started to have a few psychological problems here and there...

Case #3 First Love Gone Bad

(This picture just says "I totally do not look like a rapist serial killer").

This man-child is by far one of the worst. My longest relationship...The first time he broke it off with me, he would not stop calling me, texting me, messaging me...made it all so hard to move on. Finally, he comes back, but he ends up breaking it off again.

Regret? The first time he regretted doing what he had done to me (proved it through messages, calls...etc.) The second time it is not for sure if he regrets it or not, but by the way he avoids me every time he sees me it looks like he is regretting it.

Case #4 The Kind Hearted Ass

(Ugh. No comment.)

This one is by far one of the most confusing relationships ever. This man clearly doesn't know what he wants (other than getting into my pants). This one was like dating two people at once. He was great and amazing one day and the next he would convert into an asshole. We would spend great days together and then he would somehow sabotage it by being an ass. Even though he was an asshole, I know he has a kind heart hidden somewhere... (and I don't say that about anyone...not even my past ex-boyfriends), but this one was more of an emotional issue with him.

Regret? Too recent to know of any regrets. The light bulb in his head will turn on and he will most probably realize how good he had it with me. However, he will most likely not admit it and if there is no regret? at least I learned something valuable.

People always have some regret whether it deals with another person or a choice made. True, we can learn from regret, but sometimes we just seem to make the same mistakes (just look at all four of my ex-boyfriends....and let me not get into the friends with benefits craziness).

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. If we are talking regret and exboyfriends ... I'm really SOL. Hehe

    I have so many - I can't even count them all. I've always been nerdy so when a guy asks me out, I always say yes ... This has caused me to have a nice long list of exboyfriends ... most of whom, I never wanted to date to begin with.

  2. Haha sounds like me except I'm always saying no, which is why I don't have much of a list. All my ex-boyfriends were friends I didn't want to date to begin with (except my last ex-boyfriend). Somehow at some point they convince me and I date them...

    -Coffee Bean

  3. Hmm... I really hope your fairy godmother shows up soon. Hopefully, these experiences have made you stronger, and the next relationship will be the last one :) Note how avoided regret. He and I have issues. lol.


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