Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twilight Saturday

I have come to the conclusion that I...am jinxed. Every week something has to just go wrong or worse turn into another episode of The Twilight Zone (no not the one with the shiny vampires). A few weeks back, I thought it would finally be a normal week for me, but I guess entering the "Twilight Zone" is now an every week thing in my life.

Saturday was supposed to be just another day where I would go to work, come home, chat with the roommates and figure out what to do...Well I got that wrong.

When I went to work, my managers had told me that I would be working in the men's department instead of my usual kid's department. If I haven't mentioned it before I work at a really AWESOME store called I don't want paparazzi's so I'm not telling you.

As usual, I went to get my lunch at the food court because I tend to forget my lunch. So I ended up getting a nice, delicious wrap from Chicken NOW.

Five minutes into my wrap and there it was the hideous little critter hiding in my food, but what's this...it wasn't just one....but TWO (not shown in picture).

After throwing away the disgusting wrap, I went back to work to a department full of people. Since it was raining outside, people had swarmed into the store like bees in a hive. By the time I clocked out of work, it was still raining.

I finally ended up going home and sat right in front of the computer, but as I sat there alone I started to hear noises. Pounding, scratching, voices...I thought I was going insane so I took off with my computer and went to Starbucks.

I sat down at one of the Starbucks table and wondered what my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) was doing. I tried to concentrate on what I was doing, but the more I just thought of the boyfriend, the more I had realized that I was becoming a bit crazy over him. To ease my thoughts, I went back home to see if my roommates were home.

I walked through the door and I heard someone screaming, I went outside to see if my roommate's car was there, but there was no roommates car. I left the apartment before the screaming people would come out to get me.

I was headed for the computer lab, but before i could get into the room, I had a group of guys hitting on me.

"Hey. Hey girlllllll, why aren't you talking to me?"

"Hi..." "Come talk to me. You know you want to."


"I can be your transformer!"

That was the last thing I heard before I got into the room.

Eventually, I went back home to find my roommates there and found out that the screaming was coming from my roommates room, who was watching a horror movie. Only I would think they were real.

Welcome to my crazy world....

Hanny the Coffee Bean


  1. Now, where's that fairy godmother of yours? This jinx needs to be reversed ASAP.

  2. I don't know what out of that story is the most amazing but 'I can be your transformer'? What kind of pick-up line is that?

  3. its the best pick up line...ever. ;)

  4. Best pick up line ever!!!

    Did you complain to Chicken Now??? I would have!

  5. hahaha I always like to read and see your computer drawings, they are very simple, but so funny! the best part was when the girl is alone with only a couch there and you wrote *cricket sound* LOL


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