Monday, December 31, 2012

A Re-Cap of French Bean's 2012

1) Celebrated the New Year amid my family in Miami.

2) Greatly progressed in writing the first novel of my trilogy.

3) With much hoopla, celebrated my 25th birthday among family and friends.

4) Got attacked by flying cockroaches and locked self out of the bathroom.

5) Got tired about being fat so joined a gym.

6) Got lazy about working out. Kept gaining weight.

7) Continued writing the first novel in the company my dear friend May and some Repo Guys (their presence was, albeit, unwelcome).

8) Helped May move out of Miami and found that Cadbury's drinking chocolate has more than 600 calories per serving.

9) Said good-bye to May before she left U.S. to teach English in Korea.

10) Felt kinda lonely without my friends to keep me company.

11) Hung out with Coffee Bean and therefore felt less lonely.

12) Got uncomfortable wallowing in unemployment. Began pining for my former independent life in France.

13) Still pined horribly for France.

14) Received an e-mail from a French school offering me a job to teach English and Spanish. Accepted the job post-haste.

15) Moved back to France to reside in the small city of Sablé-sur-Sarthe, right in the Loire Valley.

16) Realized the severely-limited dating pool in Sablé-sur-Sarthe was probably not the most promising place to find a hypothetical future husband (welp, ya can't win 'em all).

17) Started losing weight once more.

18) Visited friends in Sens and Dijon.

19) Starred in a few videos of the pedagogic English-language series Overseas Impressions. Described in the "Smoothie" video as being a "sporty friend" (oh, that's rich when you consider my relationship with organized sports) who claims to love smoothies.

20) Dressed as Belle Doctor Who for Halloween.

21) Made new friends with colleagues and lots of horses (who I fondly refer to as my neigh-bors).

22) Binged on alcoholic chocolates on November 6th.

23) Went to Nantes and had my third OFII doctor's appointment. Found out that my BMI is categorized as obese. Trainer Barb vowed to kick my ass into shape and the croissants out of my hands.

24) Celebrated a turkey-less Thanksgiving with some raclette and some homemade coquito, then went to a school costume dance that was conveniently scheduled the same day.

25) Unwittingly had my memory permanently scarred for life when I saw some stallion junk.

26) Became quite ill with bronchitis. Lost my voice to a cat stuck in my throat. Got to experience the impressive French health care system in full force and got sick leave. Let a huge pile of papers and tests to grade pile up.

27) At a school Christmas party, asked colleague who had dressed as Père Noël (Santa Claus/Father Christmas) to bring me French citizenship for Christmas.

28) Spent Christmas with Mom in France. Future blog post to surely grace TBONTB (time-permitting).

29) Keeping fingers crossed with the hope that I will have a permanent carte de sejour someday.

30) Still letting the huge pile of papers and tests to grade pile up...

Number of wedding invitations received: 2, one of which I was asked to be a bridesmaid!
Number of ex-boyfriends: Big, fat goose egg (That leaves my total count to 2. Whoo!)
Number of flights across the Atlantic Ocean: 1 (Hellz yeah!)
Number of train tickets bought: Too lazy to count...
Number of pages written for the first novel: 299 and counting
Number of days spent teaching with circles under my eyes: Every single damn day
Number of times cried over students: 3
Numbers of pounds I need to lose: Enough to make me give up if it weren't for my pride and vanity
Number of rainbows seen from my room: 4

No, seriously. The view from my room is a prime rainbow-spotting area.

Ooh, aah. So purty.

Number of times I've had a big smile on my face knowing that I'm back in France: approximately 131 times (it happens at least once a day, minimum)

Here's an example. 

All-in-all, I'd say that 2012 was a pretty Kickass Ninja Squirrel year, just as I had hoped! Here's hoping that 2013 turns out to be a Karate Chop Ninja Squirrel year for you all!

Bonne Année, Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo from Barb the French Bean


  1. So... do we get to hear anything about your novel? Any samples?

    May your 2013 be a Karate Chop Ninja Squirrel year as well!

  2. A busy year for your! I love the bridget jones style recap at the end.

  3. Wow. That is the year of my dreams. Really. Be young and live my friend! You're doing everything right!

  4. This year has been pretty damn amazing for you. Especially because you got to live in France, and you're pretty much living your dream now :)

  5. Double rainbow!!! Happy new year :) x

  6. Flying cockroaches? Eep! Happy 2013

  7. It would be nice to see those cockroaches. Even though you wouldn't agree :) Best wishes for 2013!!!
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