Thursday, December 26, 2013

Before 2013 completely disappears...

As 2014 slowly approaches, I wanted to take this time to share photos of all the marvelous Christmas trees I've seen.

Just kidding. I won't put you through that torture. I think one Christmas tree is enough for this year.

 Anyways, while reading Barb's post on spending Christmas alone, her recap of 2013 had me thinking of all the events in my life throughout the year. Even though certain events didn't come out the way I wanted them to, I must say that it wasn't a completely terrible year.

Every event taught me something new and the older I seem to be getting the wiser I am becoming.

That being said, here is a recap of my 2013 and the lessons I've learned.

1. I began my internship for a non profit and was bullied by the other interns.

What I've learned: Bullying doesn't only happen in middle school.

2. I started my new job in my chosen field.

What I've learned: I'm a winner!

3. I moved in with a couple.

What I've learned: If you have options, run!

4. I reconnected with an old acquaintance through facebook.

What I've learned: Facebook brings people together.

5. I graduated college and earned my bachelors!

What I've learned: You can finish school after all.

6. Saw my ex-boyfriend with his new wifey the same day I graduated.

What I've learned: Orlando is too damn small.

7. Went to New York with one of my friends to see this so called acquaintance.

What I've learned: Never EVER go to harlem at night again.

8. This old acquaintance became my bestie and soon my not by choice friends with benefits.

What I've learned: It's okay to say no. I HAVE a choice.

9. I went to Chicago with my friends with benefits and soon realized what it was like to be used.

What I've learned: no matter how well you know a person, always listen to your gut.

10. Got my heart broken.

What I've learned: I am the only one to blame for this, but at least I didn't pay for the hotel in Chicago or New York.

11. Guy I had a crush on last year (guy I also made out with) comes back into my life.

What I've learned: They always come back.

12. Old crush quickly becomes a fling and then ends up moving away.

What I've learned: My feelings for him weren't the same as last year. Moving was the best thing he ever did (at least for me).

13. Went to Seattle to see a friend.

What I've learned: No matter how far friends are, they still care about you.

14. Saw French bean and went to Georgia.

What I've learned: Adventures are always so much fun with friends! And never trust hotel pictures, they lie about their appearance.

15. I move again with the couple and a single guy to a bigger house.

What I've learned: Rooms being too close together calls for disaster.

16. A close friend hurts me.

What I've learned: sometimes even when you don't want to, you have to let go of the negative people in your life. Even if you really care for them.

17. I go on a 7 day cruise with one of my  friends and connect with a cutie on the cruise.

What I've learned: Never give him your number.

18. Cutie and I start to "date" but in the end  it fails.

What I've learned: Things happen for a reason.

19. I take off for Christmas to Budapest.

What I've learned: Office jobs are not for me and hopefully some day I will be able to find a job that lets me travel.

This year was a crazy one for me filled with good, bad and crazy events. Even though, I didn't move to New York as planned, it gave me a chance to reflect on some of the choices I've made and now that 2013 is almost gone, I will be applying the lessons I've learned to the next chapter of my life.

Now that I've tortured you with my list of events, let me leave you with one last torturous thing.


Have a Happy New Year!

Hanny the coffee bean

P.S. I did this whole post through my phone, so if something seems off or looks like gibberish, I blame the phone.


  1. Maybe you can move to New York this coming year. Regardless of whether the events were good or bad, you certainly seemed to have quite an eventful year. You could probably have done without some of that but you can definitely say that you've lived, which is more than most.

    1. I am going to try to move to New York in 2014, I just need to find a job there.

      I could have done without some of it, but things happen for a reason and even if I don't quite understand it now, it did teach me.


  2. Hi, I really like your article.I have also enjoyed your blog and will continue to check in to read your posts. Happy New Year 2014. Thanks

    1. Hello Mandy! Thank you for reading the post and blogs. It's great to have you here :) Happy New Year to you too!


  3. #1, 9, and 14 are particularly true. All in all, I think you've had an excellent year, my dear friend. May 2014 be a surreptitious Ninja Squirrel in the dark year for you as well! :D



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