Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Scotch Anyone?

Moving away from home to go to college, has been one of the weirdest experiences ever. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but with everything going on, lets just say I run into more misfortunes than Mr. Magoo. If you have ever heard of Mr. Magoo, then you should know he is a semi-blind dude that gets himself into everything (literally) and yet he is always alive at the end of the show. Of course I'm alive too, but not as lucky as Mr. Magoo.

If half those things happened to me (or anyone really), I would not be so lucky to survive the first accident.

Lately, everything has been going well except for the fact that I am struggling financially. I couldn't get any loans or financial aid for personal reasons, but my stay in this marvelous city I call college town, has left me struggling. Though I recently found a good job, it takes more of my money than I would like it to take, especially since my job is about 54 minutes away from me.

Other than that, everything has been going well except for a few mishaps down the road...

It was a beautiful Friday, sometime around November, I had just gone out with my guy friends in hopes of finding something suitable for them to wear. I was dreading going back to my apartment because my roommates were all going away and I thought that the other one who was staying might be paying her boyfriend a visit. After seeing various suits, leaving red lipstick on my friend's sweater, and getting checked out by the guy at the counter, shopping time ended, meaning I was going to be all alone (or so I thought).

I went back home, but heard no one around and so I decided to go to Barnes and Noble to do some reading. As I was making my way to Barnes and Noble, my mother called. I was having a good, nice conversation with her when all of a sudden she gave me this guilt of leaving her for college. Well lets just say that the conversation ended something like this:

Without the Freddy Kruger part. Though, I would have loved to be Freddy Kruger in this case since I do not like to argue. For once, I felt so completely alone, unsupported with my choices, and miserable. I needed to talk to someone, just so I could possibly hear that everything was going to be okay, but in my attempt to reach out to those that I am really close to, I got no answer. Funny, how situations like these show you who your real friends are, and how the person that I most needed to hear from said to me "We can talk, but not today".

Finally, after having a good cry, I ended up going home, and after being there for an hour, my roommate came out of her room.

Well I wasn't alone after all, and just talking to her made me feel much better. After 3-4 hours of talking, I decided to go sleep.

As I was going to sleep, I heard some movement in the room above mine. It sounded like someone was jumping on the bed, but the squeaking of the bed got louder.

"You have to be kidding, are they really...? Noooooo...."

*Bed still squeaking and moving*

"WTF, someone is getting laid up there! Great just what I needed to end my miserable day".

Unfortunately, I had to sleep to the sound of these horrid noises, but luckily the people making these noises did not bang hard enough to fall through the ceiling.

lucky me.

The next day was a bit better, but I was stuck at work for my entire Saturday. I do not mind working, especially since I am getting paid, but the only problem I have is the security guard who hits on me. My job is at a hospital, assisting the gift shop, which I basically do all the clerical and sales business around there. it is a very entertaining job, especially when watching other people go frantic over $5 jewelry.

The worst part of my job, however, is when the security guard, who hits on me, shows up trying to flirt with me. Let me just state without offending anyone, this man is a 60 year old guy...he should keep it in his pants.

Well after that my weekend wasn't as bad, but what made it so horrible was the fact that neither my supposed "best" friend or mother were calling me.

Of course after seven days things went back to normal, but not so much with my supposed "best" friend.


You can't live with them, but you can't live without them

(I sure can't, 75% of my friends are guys).

Where is the Scotch when you need it? I sure need a drink with all the madness in my life.

Hanny the coffee bean

(I do not own any of the videos)


  1. My whole life I've been Mr. Magoo. At least he has the semi-blind for an excuse.

    I'm sorry your going through madness with your mother. Mine has me wanting to be part of that video and Freddy Krueger.

    I won't say what publicly, but she did something really reprehensible to me over the summer. She has since not called me, and I don't have long distance to call her. If I told you what it was you would say, Wow that's really reprehensible.

    Even still I finished knitting her socks for her birthday, sent them out late, because I'm usually always late at homemade gifts. She didn't even call to let me know she got them or thank you. I had to find out she did get them by asking my half-brother on FB.

    Grrrr, ok, I feel a bit better now. I never had scotch, make mine Brandy.

  2. Hi Coffee Bean
    Sounds like your mum was a bit unfair, you would expect her to support your decision to go to college. But I guess she is missing you so in a way thats nice.

    My therapist told me that some times our parents aren't able to deal with things that don't bother us and in those situations we have to accept it and hope that they would do the same. Not sure I've explain very well, I was told stuff like this when I was really upset by something my parents did and wanted to just avoid them. He said they were not equiped to deal with the situation so couldn't support me.

    I know it doesn't help me either!

  3. I learned who my true friends were when I dated my first boyfriend. A lot of people didn't like him, but only one still hung out with me. She's my best friend to this day. Sometimes it's a blessing. At least now you know who your friends are now. Even then, give them the benefit of the doubt. They might be having a bad day, too.

  4. Hey. Give me some vin chaud and I'll join you, Hanny. :-P



  5. I know the feeling. I went through something similar for my first year of living in Holland but trust me it does get easier if you let it.

    I love the fighting video. I had to laugh when King Kong seemed to stop and check for concussion by counts ting his fingers.


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