Saturday, December 4, 2010

An Update on My Shakira-Hotness Goal

Long-time readers of our blog know that I have made it no secret that my goal is to be hotter than Shakira.

Being a Shakira fan myself, I have certainly been aware that the Colombian mega-star has a new single out, entitled "Loca."

I also took a moment to check out my competition watch the music video of said song.

And I was stunned.

(Due to some copyright crap from living in France, I cannot imbed the video into this post. It is only available as a link...)

Is it just me...or does Shakira look a little...scrawny? At least she appears to be slimmer from her She-Wolf days. She certainly is skinnier from ten years ago when she first appeared singing "Whenever, Wherever."

Nevertheless, I was stunned. What happened to her? I mean, I can see her ribcage poking under her skin! Perhaps she got word that I want to surpass her in hotness and set herself to raise the bar even higher???

I have to face it: I am never going to be as skinny as she is in the Loca clip, nor do I want to be. To me, she comes off as being just a tad sickly.

SO. Just to clarify, I want to be as hot as Shakira was in her She-Wolf music video--if not slightly hotter.

As for the update: My weight has stagnated. I've hit a dry spell. I'm tearing the hairs off my head. My body has hit an effing plateau.

My total weight loss is still the same as a month ago (20 kilos/44 pounds), but I won't disguise my frustration at seeing the same number on the scale week after week. I'm beginning to develop pure animosity every time I pay a visit to my bearer of bad news...

For the rest of this year, I will aim to lose 4 kilos/8.8 pounds, but I also have to take into account that I am currently in the most fattening time of the year! ACK!

I should not become obsessed with burning those kilos if not just living healthily. I'm in a rather decisive moment right now. I could easily give up and go back to my old ways or stick it out and continue with my new lifestyle.

I prefer the latter.

Barb the French Bean

Disclaimer: The link to the music video is not mine.


  1. If she is looking like twig you are already way hotter than her. I can't speak for all of us but most guys don't want to date girls they might snap by accident.

  2. hey is she on tour right now? if so, i bet that's the reason for her recent weight loss. i feel like all singers who put on a high intensity dance show for their concerts get extra trim while they are on tour.
    and watching the vid, she does look scrawny and not healthy. which is sad because she's so pretty.
    good luck with your weight loss! i've gone down 3 pants sizes and i'm looking to drop at least 2 more, preferably 3. it's a pain in my slowly-but-surely shrinking ass :P

  3. I'm with you, Barb (the French Bean), she is too thin. Unhealthy thin.

    If she were really 'cut' I would have to think her arms and shoulders would have more muscle tone. They are just there and thin. And you can actually count her ribs.

    Now the old anoxeric deep within me is unhealthily mildly jealous at this, but recognizes she is not headed the right way. She was way cuter and actually had something to shake back in her "Wherever, Whenever" days...

    You are way hotter than her anyway!

  4. I hope you reach your goal soon...and that your scale becomes more supportive of it... :) Have a good weekend

  5. Stu: You make a good point. I personally would not snap like a toothpick. :-)

    Jess: That is AWESOME! The feeling of elation you get when you ditch larger pants for smaller ones cannot be equaled!

    I think Shakira might be on tour at the moment...

    Stephanie: Part of me kinda envies the slimness as well, but then that feeling is drowned out by a voice that booms "GOOD GOD! She's too thin!"

    I find it funny how y'all say I'm hotter than Shakira despite not actually knowing *what* I look like! ^.^

    Thanks so much for the encouragement!


  6. Well, maybe we just creepily know, or .. something.

    I hope you become lose the amount you want, and become best friends with your scale soon :) all the best, Barb ^^.

    On the downside, the weekend is overrrrr D: damnit.

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