Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Morning in Mustard-Town

Welp. This is it.

Today is the day that I shall leave my cherished France. My chapter of "Barb the Care-freeTeaching Assistant" has come to a close...

After two years of enjoying the Dijonnaise life, I will soon find myself dragging a 30 kilo suitcase around Parisien train stations to catch a flight in Orly. However, rather than it being a direct flight to Miami, I shall experience what it is like to sleep overnight at a Berlin airport. I should be on firm, below-sea-level American soil by Saturday around 3 p.m. EST.

In the past couple of days, I've really been reconsidering my goal in life and have been asking myself "what do I really love to do?"

Apart from writing, drawing and singing, I also love to cook. I especially adore baking cakes and cookies. My French friends know this, too.

At a dinner this Tuesday, by dear friend Florence told me the steps to make a pastry shell and gave me this:

"It's my first pie pan. I bought it before I had even met my husband. I want you to have it and to send me pictures of all your quiches and tartes."

I have been so touched by her gesture. Food truly has a way of connecting people to each other.

It goes without saying that I will deeply miss French food. My solution is to try to make some once I'm back in the States. Who knows? Maybe my baking will be my next big venture.

Anyway, I've got to run. I'd like to bid my Dried Fruit Lady an "until next time" while the market is still open.

Barb the French Bean.


  1. I hope you get to go back to France someday. You just seem to love it so much! Too bad you live in Miami. I'm visiting Paris at the end of the summer, and I REALLY need to work on my French. I could use a tutor. Haha.

    But seriously, I hope you truly enjoy your "last" day in France. If it's meant to be though, this isn't really the last. I like how you said you want to bid Dried Fruit Lady an "until next time." Good mentality. :)

  2. I will miss reading about your French adventures, but I'm sure Miami will welcome you home with open arms and stifling humidity!

  3. You know one of my own goals is to someday have my own restaurant. Food service is fun.

  4. I have really enjoyed reading your French adventures. I am moving to france on monday and am terrified but always go back to reading your blog and feel a bit less-so.

  5. Joanna: Deep down, I just know that I will return. All in due time.

    Oh, if you go to a restaurant, be sure to ask for "une carafe d'eau" if you want to have free water. Otherwise, you'll just get charged for a 4 euro bottle of Evian. :-P

    Tricia: Oh, it has!

    Little Shepherd: I especially like the part where you eat what you've cooked. :-)

    Laura: I'm sure that you'll be all right. I'd be lying if I ever claimed that I wasn't apprehensive about living on my own in a foreign country, but the excitement will certainly more than make up for whatever worries you may have! :-)

    Bonne chance!



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