Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I Did During Mes Vacances

- I tried to recover from the persistant Cough that I still have from two weeks ago; I've given up. The Cough and I are BBFs now.

- I went on a Harry Potter-esque picnic lunch with two other assistants and then went on a treacherous (but gorgeous) 4-hour hike up and down some hills and vineyards capturing some of the best images of Burgundy's countryside.

So get ready for a barrage of pictures...

(This is what we ate.)

(This was a little trek called Les Cents Marches, or the 100 Steps.)

(The Gorge of Eternal Peril actually is quite lovely, no?)

- I learned that being a spoiled Princess Miami City Girl doesn't really mix too well with hiking up and down hills for four hours...

(For the full hiking story, go here to check out fellow teaching assistant and blogger Sliles. You are more than likely going to see a picture of yours truly in the post's slideshow...)

- Braved the cold and pouring rain one Saturday evening to go out for drinks and club in Dijon's Salsa Pelpa discothèque.

-Attended Dijon's most anticipated event: la Foire Gastronomique (I will write a post about that later)!

- Pretended to be a tourist one day and went on the Parcours de la Chouette tour with another assistant. Despite having lived in Dijon for 8 months, I still had not taken the time to do so.

And most importantly:

- Procrastinated on planning my lessons by blogging about what I did during my Toussaint vacation. But no matter what may come, I will always make time for a coffee.

It's back to work for me tomorrow!

Barb the French Bean


  1. Wow, amazing pictures. It's funny how when the detached viewer sees pics like that all they think of is serenity and beauty. But to you they bring back memories of the hike and what a pain it was to get to those viewpoints!


  2. I love the pictures.

    But of course, my favorite is your little "survived" cartoon.

    That make me giggle fo sho.

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  4. Beautiful Pictures! I really wish to go visit you now. No wonder you missed being there so much and I'm sorry about the hike :/

    Coffee Bean

  5. Sorry the hike was so treacherous. But the photos are stunning.

    Just for the record, all of my gorge-related activities only involve food, not beautiful landscapes.

  6. Oh my word, those photos are amazing!

    You are so blessed, despite the four hour hike.

    And think of it this way...I bet you burned a ton of calories and are even closer to Shakira hotness now! :)

  7. Simple Dude: I will pretty much travel inside a volcano if I can get some lovely photos from it. Sacrificing life and limb for a gorgeous image only gives me pleasure!

    Amber: Your "fo sho" made me giggle! ^.^

    Coffee Bean: I know, right? If you want to come to France, just let me know!

    Stephanie: I noticed but Butterfingers must be awesome!

    Kate: Oh, trust me, I do. I do! I think I shed like 3 pounds that day. :-P

    -Barb the French Bean


    Reminds me of Monty Python. :)

    Lovely pictures.


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