Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook Just Called Me a Jackass

Okay. I've fallen victim to yet another elusive "captcha," and I only have myself to blame.

Taking a break from the TEF exam cram jam session, I decided to spend a few minutes checking out the website Failbook.com, a site where people submit the inadvertently hilarious comments that their Facebooking friends have made. I eventually came across a post that made me guffaw and thought that it was worthy to place it on Facebook itself.

Lo and behold, when I attempted to share the link on my wall, the little sentinel that resembles a mock gibberish English popped out.

To be granted permission to share certain links, one must surpass the Captcha trial by deciphering the mock English and entering every character in the exact order. I thought that would be a simple affair. After all, the first letter is a "J," right? And the second one is an "A."

Or is that actually a "Q?"

Huh. Funny how that third character is capitalized. And that kinda looks like an "S" as well. In fact, it almost looks like there are two "Ss," really.

J Q A S 5

Hey, wait a minute...how would I sound this out?


No. It can't be. Facebook wouldn't be so evil as to call me a jack-ass! That second letter is clearly an "A."

And so it was.

Barb the French Bean

Disclaimer: The evil captcha image came off my Facebook page.


  1. I've been called worse by better. Tell Facebook what you think of HIM! :)

  2. I....*rage building*..... HATE... CAPTCHAS.

    I feel old and squinty and I have to pull my laptop to my nose and I STILL eff them up.

    Lord I hate 'em. If one called me a jackass I think I would break my laptop.


  3. Good luck on the TEF exam tomorrow!

  4. Haha. I love captchas.

    They crack me up!!

  5. Facebook is evil. You're lucky it only called you a jackass.

    By the way, I got back from Paris last week after spending the time wounding if I might bump into you even though neither of us knows how the other one looks. that's just how my strange mind works.

  6. Tricia: I think FB is such a tease...:-P

    Stephanie: Agreed.

    Nana: Thanks for the encouragement! :-)

    Amber: They crack you up 'cause they haven't called *you* a JQAS5!

    Stu: Ha, ha. I honestly kept wondering if you would pop up in Dijon! :-D


  7. LOL, that is quite funny that you found that (: thanks for a fun post (:


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