Saturday, November 13, 2010

Will You Be The One?

Step right up!

Come get your applications to be my new best guy friend!

That's right a new best guy friend because my old one grew tired of me (or so I think).

Do you have hands?

Do you have feet?

Does your heart beat?

Do you have a car?

Then apply for Coffee Beans new best guy friend position!

It will be a challenge, but will you be the one to win? apply and find out!

Requirements for applying to the best guy friend position:

-You must know how to be silly without trying.
-Good looks are a plus, but if your not good looking that's fine too.
- Must give me good massages! (though the old one never gave me one...).
- Must have a hamster named Carl (or a pet named rocks count).
-Must have a car.
-experience with girls and barracudas is a plus.
-should know how to draw crappy stick figures.

The benefits of being my best guy friend:

1. I help you with your social life.
2. I'm loyal
3. I can teach you how to draw a crappy looking Godzilla
4. I bake cookies and brownies (I also make a lot of Italian foods)
5. I step in as a girlfriend when trying to make someone jealous.
6. You don't have to carry an inflatable doll around.
7. I have a big purse that can be filled with left over buffet food.
8. I have lady friends.

Click here to fill in the application. Once you are done answering, enter your application on the comments area of this post.


Hanny the Coffee Bean

Note: If you win, I will draw something so crapingly amazing that it will resemble an award to put on your site :D


  1. Word! Think I could use one of these, too.

  2. You're missing one very important requirement: must be a guy.

  3. lol maybe girls do make better best friends than guys O_O

  4. I have a fish named Carl!

    But alas, I have girl parts.


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