Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Forget About What I Said Earlier

A few hours ago, I wrote about how happy I felt for apparently no good reason.

I went to my classes feeling happy.

I walked back home feeling happy.

I prepared my delicious dinner while still experiencing the floating sensation of utter joy.

And this feeling of elation lasted up until...

(Cue music from Carmina Burana)


I could not believe it. I JUST COULD NOT FUCKING BELIEVE IT.

Why won't he leave me alone? Why, when I think that I am getting ahead in my life, does my past have to dog my present?

I've been so rattled by the experience that I'm still shaking from the encounter.

You want me to have a Happy New Year? THEN LEAVE ME IN PEACE!!!

Barb the French Bean


  1. Threaten to break his neck the next time he comes anywhere close to you....and do it if he ignores the warning......*HUG* I hope you'll feel better...

  2. I've taken to thinking of him as "pedo-boyfriend," kind of in reference to the pedo-bear meme, in my head. You should do the same, only out loud, to his face.

    "Go away, pedo-boyfriend. Don't come back."

    Et voila! If you do this in front of people, even better. He'll be so mortified he'd never dare to approach you again. *evil grin*

  3. Caterpillar: Good suggestion, although I'd be way too chickensh*t to do something that could land me in jail. :-P

    And I do feel better this morning!

    Little Shepherd: Thanks for the idea! I really like this one. >:-)

    -Barb the French Bean

  4. Have you considered the fact he might be remorseful about the way he treated you?

  5. Fizzee: Yes, I have. But it is much too late for him. He already lost me. He should have thought twice before having toyed with my sentiments for him...

  6. Shotguns help in these kinds of situations

  7. He definitely lost his chance, and I feel badly that he rained on your parade when he showed up.

    What a d-bag.

    I was wondering if you were coming down with the post-holiday blues for some unknown reason, like me (crying for no reason for hours a few days ago), but turns out it was just pedo-boyfriend.

    I hope he never comes back!! Tell him you have found someone new (technically it's not a lie, you rediscovered yourself through the break up process, right?)

    I hate crazy ex bfs. They should know to just keep away.

  9. Lol, I loved the music.

    Don't let 'pedo-boyfriend' *chuckle* get you down. He doesn't deserve to be able to control your mood! He lost ya!

    Basically, my overly-active-nice-person-ness tells me that in this situation, I'd first politely tell the loser ex to stay the hell away from me. THEN if that didn't work, I'd use stronger words. After that, I'd just ignore him until he went away or get a larger best guy friend to have some words with him. *shrug*

  10. I'm about to de-friend my ex boyfriend. http://downtownmuffin.blogspot.com/2011/01/dear-ex-boyfriend-of-year-and-half.html


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