Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Life in a Korean Drama

Lately, I have been having a few problems since I got back to the wonderful city of Orlando. It seems as if I entered the twilight zone, and no matter how much I try to stay away from drama, it always seems to find a way back to me.

To keep myself from crying at nights, I tend to distract myself and when all else fails I go directly to watching Korean drama.

Yes, Korean drama. Not American, Chonga, Hispanic, Irish, Dog, Cat, Fish, or Porno Drama, but Korean drama. Every time I tell someone I watch Korean drama, I get a surprised stare and 50 questions, which usually leads to the question "are you Korean?"

The answer is no, I am not Korean and do not have a Korean background. I also do not speak Korean, but I am learning with all the K-dramas I watch. The way I understand the K-dramas is by reading the subtitles they have in English.

Does this look like a Korean face? Well I'm not.

Anyways, since my return back to Orlando, my life has been a disaster by far. Nothing gets me more unhappy than a few rumors, lost friendships, backstabbing, and guys who cause drama for me. As a result of my unhappiness, a good friend of mine came up with the idea that I should write a Korean drama based on my life.

Why a Korean drama? Well, not only would the drama be in Korean (I don't think I had to mention that) , but the men are extremely handsome and they know how to dress well. Some of the K-dramas are also just plain silly and funny to watch. Since my life is full of guy problems and I am the type to make a joke out of my problems, then K-drama seemed to be the perfect way to portray my life.

The only problem to the making of the K-drama is that my characters do not live in Orlando. They all live on an island somewhere, and though it is based on my life, there is no girl in the K-drama.

No girls. I do not exist in my own K-drama that is based on my life.

At least that is how my friend explained it to me. The idea of the drama is to have a whole bunch of handsome shirtless young men on an island somewhere with no girls on the island. When I asked where I would be in the drama that would be based on my life, the answer was guys only.

I do like the idea of a K-drama full of gorgeous men, but if it is based on my life, shouldn't I at least be in it? As my friend and I kept day dreaming about the K-drama, the idea of having a shower scene entered our interesting conversation...

Sounds great, but I think I would miss the idea of two people saying 'Saranghae' to each other, which in English means 'I Love you' and there is no way in hell I would want two guys saying it to each other.



Hopefully, if I ever decide on letting anyone base a K-drama on my life, it will not come down to guy on guy romantic scene.

Hanny the coffee bean

(credits: Photoscape and some random site where I got that nice Korean picture from)


  1. Heheh. My experience in Korean dramas features the series called "My Girl," which was introduced to me by the lovely Zora! ^.^

    If you get a chance to find some clips on Youtube, check it out, Coffee Bean.

    Also: I think the concept of an all-guys island would pretty much be verboten in Korea since their culture frowns upon nudity or much kissing on their T.V. shows. :-P

    Great post!

    -French Bean

  2. The only K-Drama I've seen is the movie "My Sassy Girl," which was ok and all, but I'm not sure I get why it's one of the most popular movies in all of Asia, ever.

    I do have a question(surprise, surprise). Do you know anywhere I can find good subtitled K-dramas? I want to see the "My Girl" thing -- a series, I think, and I want to see the movie(more a comedy if the trailer is any indication) called Dasepi Naughty Girls(there's both a movie and a series based on the movie).

    Where do you find these things?

  3. French: Yes it is true that they are not much of nudity and kissing, but lately the K-dramas are becoming a little more exposed, as I have seen a couple in K-drama kiss more than normal...and shirtless men.


    Little Shepherd: I have never seen "My Sassy Girl," but I am curious now...

    You can find all subtitled K-dramas on mysoju.com or you can always find some on youtube. If you need anymore links let me know ^_^

    Coffee Bean

  4. How'd you get started on watching Korean dramas? I love it.

  5. Deidre: I started watching Korean drama on recommendation from a friend, who told me that it was the best thing to watch :D

    Coffee Bean

  6. K-Drama with guys only....nice.... :)

  7. K-Drama post already looks close to the no girls thing. The girl in the middle looks happy but all the guys look pissed off like they just want her to leave.

  8. Invader Stu: Lol not it at all. Actually all the guys are supposed to be bad boys and two of them are in love with the girl in the middle :p
    I so wish my K-drama was something like that ^_^

    Coffee bean

  9. ...and now you make me want to watch K Dramas. And I only know how to watch TV via Hulu!

    Great blog, btw. Found you on Bloggeries.


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