Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shakira-Hotness Seems Lightyears Away for Me...

Yeah. I've pretty much been having the same argument with my scale for nearly three months now. I really, really, REALLY despise, abhor, HATE this plateau. It actually has got me rather depressed.

Today, I got the brilliant idea to ask my colleague, the school's gym teacher, if she could offer me any tips so I can get back to losing weight.

"Just keep exercising more and reduce your portion sizes."

Uh. Um. Yeah.

If I reduce my portion sizes anymore, I'll probably vanish into thin air. But I will start running because walking for at least one hour each day clearly isn't cutting it anymore. --.--"

So, is anyone else down about their weight loss struggles? This misery could really enjoy some company...or else I might just go even more insane than I already am.

Barb the French Bean


  1. omg. yesterday i announced to my scale that i was "sick of it's shit."

    also? i ordered some new work out dvds from amazon and ups is holding them hostage for some unknown reason. it's like they WANT me to be fat!

  2. The Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred DVD is about 24 minutes per workout and is really good. You just need hand weights and enough room to lay out to do a push up. Might be a great quick mix-it-up to confuse your body (assuming you have a DVD player).

    Stick with it though, honestly, and you will see results.

    Try doing random muscle training like squats or lunges, too, maybe? Just something different than what your body is used to.

    I commend you on the portion sizes. That's where I DO NOT have the strength to adhere to anything. If I exercise, I eff it all up with what I eat.

  3. Hey there....I am in...not for the running of course, too lazy for that...but for saying 'I understand', cursing that sick thing called weighing scale and thinking up the perfect exercise plan...which for me, never takes off....:(

  4. Oh, hon...you look GORGEOUS in every picture I've seen of you. Maybe you aren't meant to be a rail.

    Just be healthy and active and try to accept yourself as you are, because you're beautiful. :)

  5. I agree with Tricia ^_^

    But don't worry I'm in the same position...I'm scared of going to the doctors because I know she is going to weigh me...

    This morning however, I did have a thought and told myself "Hey! I might not be a size 2, but I'm a size 5. That should be good enough! and if guys out there don't like what they see then they shouldn't look at me anyways!!" It was a good thought :)

    Just remember you are both beautiful inside and out!

    -Coffee Bean

  6. Jess: o_O"

    It's a conspiracy, I tell ya! XD

    Stephanie: I should get back with the program and re-start my muscle exercises again. During last summer, I worked out to the show "Body Electric" and I saw results in a just weeks. (I was smart enough to write down the exercises...but became lazy when I got back to France. :-P)

    I'll consider the workout DVD, but I also have to see how much it would cost to ship it over to Dijon. Ugh.

    (Thanks for the tip!)

    Caterpillar: Aww, girl, I hear you. --.--" Weight loss is just a tricky balance of diet and exercise and, so far, things have gone well by changing some habits. The scale, however, needs to get with the program!!!

    Tricia: Thanks so much, hon. You are right: my body is not meant to be rail-thin (nor do I want to be that), but dropping off these last 30-something pounds just to get to my "correct" weight is driving me nuts!

    Coffee Bean: Merci beaucoup, partner-in-crime! I really should try to see the positive aspect of weight loss...I may not be a size 8, but I'm no longer a size 18. :-P That's progress!


  7. Let me know if you want me to find out about shipping. I can get the DVD here for about $12 Canadian.

    And you are SO RIGHT! Celebrate progress! You have made a lot of hard changes and walk your arse off. I'm proud (and envious) of your committment.

  8. I hit a plateau for like 6 months now. SO annoying. Though, I lost 20 lbs already 2 yrs back so I can't complain and have been yo-yoing within these last 10 lbs I want to get rid of.

    You definitely have to "mix up" your exercise routine. Once you're used to walking, you're going to have to run. Then after that, maybe other activities to get your body moving. I'm now at that "other activities" stage and it sucks. I'm trying kickboxing, everything, but sadly, I'm not coordinated enough and I have punched myself in the face.


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