Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Just Couldn't Resist!

I walked into a store yesterday and saw a couple of shirts that made me laugh. And I couldn't resist trying them on:

Cheesy. I know.

I was quite tempted to purchase them, but I had done enough shopping last month for dresses and thus swore to not buy any more clothes for quite some time. Or at least for this month...Knowing how my solid steel will is a flimsy as marshmallow, I just may crack and purchase them after all. :-P

Barb the French Bean
I cracked. I knew I would. I went into town and bought the cute t-shirts. I also purchased 275 grams of dried fruit, a bag of Portuguese white corn flour along with gouda and parmesan cheese (which I will hopefully use to make arepas). I'm glad that I got out of the house, too. In the covered market, I witnessed une bouchère kiss one of her dearest clients on both cheeks and wish him a happy birthday. Only in France will I see that!


  1. Like :0)
    And I'm seeing them with Shakira hotness

  2. How could you NOT buy them!! I wouldn't have been able to resist!!

  3. Oh I would not have been able to resist those shirts either! I would have bought them both! I like. Very cute.

  4. OMD. Where did you find those???

  5. Neenuh: At Pimkie.

    And I've cracked. I'm going to buy those PRONTO!!! :-P


  6. Awesome shirts! I probably would have cracked too.


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