Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vacation Time? Yes?

Well this week has been a stressful week due to many circumstances, but the main one must be planning for my spring break.

Yes. Spring break = stress.

I have been trying to plan the best spring break of my life, especially since last year was such a crappy spring break. So to make this year a better year for me, I decided I wanted to go somewhere. Anywhere that gets me out of Florida.

Being a student, however, makes my life so much more complicating. Struggling with loans, paying bills, trying to find a decent job, trying to budget life itself...this is life as I know it. So to find something within my budget out of Florida is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE.

Especially on Spring break.

I kept looking through all possibilities, typing in "Cheap cruises" on Google search, but that didn't even help. For a few weeks I kept trying to find the cheapest things to do on Spring break, one suggestion was to go to Miami (my hometown). As I have mentioned before in past posts, I loathe Miami.

As perfect as Miami is for Spring break, I have done everything there is to do in Miami. Besides I loathe how rude the people can be, and there are other factors that would ruin my Spring break. Did I mention that one of those factors was my ex-boyfriend completely ruining last Spring break for me?

Last year, I was in Miami...waiting. I was waiting for my ex-boyfriend to invite me to hang out with him; he never did. He had come to terms that he would use Spring break as our "break" from each other, and as I waited like a damn door mat, he was out having the time of his life.

This is how that need to get out of Florida developed. I was not going to be the same damn door mat waiting for someone to say "hey, lets do something."

As I have learned through experiences, if you want something, you have to do it yourself. So this time I prepared myself. I kept looking through cruises, hotels, flights etc...I even went as far as looking through bus services to New York. Imagine a bus ride for at least 16 hours...

Yeah, it wouldn't have been pretty at all...

I thought I would never find something, but then out of nowhere, as if in a dream, I found a vacation package within my budget! Not only that, it was within my friends budget too, which made everything perfect.

What better way to rest from studying and exams than a trip to the Bahamas!

That's right! I am going to the Bahamas!! for 5 days/4 nights. Airfare and hotel. I finally made the reservation and now I can finally relax.

Though It will not be for my whole Spring break (and I will have to go to Miami), I am just happy I found something outside of Florida.

I just need to do a few more things for my trip, but other than that I feel as if a weight has been lifted. I just hope I can find my passport.

Hanny the Coffee Bean


  1. Nice! I've never been to the Bahamas, or on a cruise. That sounds really awesome. :)

    By the way, when all other modes of transportation are too expensive, go with Amtrak. Traveling within Florida it's less than a quarter the cost of air fare, and it's comfortable, and quicker than the bus. I go from Miami to Tampa in about 4 hours for $36.

  2. Nice. Sounds like it is going to be a fun trip.

  3. Like your blog!
    I am following u!

  4. Lol. You're going off to the beach and I was up in snowy mountains (more on that later...). Enjoy your break, my partner-in-crime, because you honestly DESERVE a moment of rest! :-)

    (Take lots of photos!)


  5. How fun! Have fun in the Bahamas! I am glad you found something to do.

  6. love your post as always! left something for you on my page! :) you don't have to do it of course, but you truly are my favorite blog and I wanted to let people know. keep up the good work!


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