Friday, February 4, 2011

It is Free!!

That's right, I said it. It. Is. Free.

What you may ask? Well joining our NEW Facebook Page is!

Now isn't it wonderful!!

Not only will you see our new posts appearing on your news feed, but you also get to see our random pictures, cartoons that we may not post up here, quick replies, and so much more!

come on now doesn't that sound great?

If that is not enough...depending on how many followers we get there may be a chance to win a giveaway and you can leave us pictures, videos, and all that lovely stuff =)

So if you want to join click here.

Thank you!

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. I don't do FaceBook.

    I am now sad.


  2. aww well we always have twitter...and if you don't do that, we are still on here :D

    -Coffee Bean


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