Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can I Disappear Now?

Well I made it past Valentines day, but there is one single day that kills me every year...

My Birthday.

Though my birthday is special, I do not appreciate the fact that I have to turn a year older. Especially, when it is not a leap year. For those who may not know, a leap year is when you see February. 29th, on the calender. It is that one day that makes 365 days become 366 days every four years.

Yes, my exact birthday comes every four years.

So in actuality I would only be five years old (if I counted just the leap year days). The last time I celebrated a leap year was when I was 20 years old and during the times that there is no Feb. 29th, I end up celebrating it on March 1st (even if some do celebrate it Feb. 28th).

At first, I thought it was amazing that i would get to celebrate it for a whole week (everyone gets so confused around that time, that I would end up with presents for a week). Now I just wish to disappear for that day, especially since I do not want to turn another year older.

Even so, day or no day I would still turn a year older and though that is unavoidable, I still would like to disappear. My reason for this is because Facebook does not like my birthday.

A month ago I had a chat about my birthday with a few friends and this was enough proof that Facebook does not like my birthday...

How does February 29th, turn into December 31st?? and I didn't get any Happy Birthday wishes, which is bizarre...

The very fact that I might not see birthday wishes on my fb wall taunts me...Year round I see everyone getting hundreds of birthday wishes and I? well I get 5 people who actually remember without FB telling them (I am very thankful, btw!), but the thought of going around without anyone knowing my special day...well it is daunting.

My last birthday, I only got about 8 friends posting on my wall or texting me (again I am very thankful!), but from all 200 friends I have on fb...and I only get 8 is kind of sad...then again it shows who my real friends are. On top of that, my ex-boyfriend ruined my birthday by making me cry on the day of my birthday. Luckily, it wasn't Feb. 29th, I would have killed him. I do, however, appreciate the fact that my roommates remembered and bought me my favorite...Frozen yogurt!! followed by balloons.

This year I do not know what to expect. All I know is that I would like to disappear for that one day or at least go to Vegas.

Eventually, when the day comes, I'll blog about it and when I do I hope it has to do with Vegas.

On another note, I would like to give a special thanks to my partner in crime, Barb. She has remembered each birthday since the age of 16!! So she has actually gotten to experience 2 of my leap year birthdays. Now that has got me feeling old, but I am very thankful for such great friends, such as Barb. So go show her some love!

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. Hanny, for what it is worth.....happy UNbirthday to you!!

    And, yeah....we all luffs the Barb!

  2. My dad's birthday is on February 29th as well! He's 16 now haha.

    That's so weird that FB says your birthday is December 31st.

    Also, frozen yogurt is the best! :D

  3. Awwww...thanks so much, Hanny!

    And don't worry about your day, my dear. I, too, have concerns about turning another year older. I think that I will soon be kissing my early 20s good-bye come April! *bawls*

    On another note: How about you skip Vegas and come over to England this year, say, on April 29th? That's the day Prince William is going to get married and I'm gonna need a shoulder to cry on! :-P

    A part of our adolescence will die that dark, dar day, my friend...


  4. You'd better get REALLY good presents on the 29th. That's a long wait between birthday gifts.

  5. So if you were born on a leap year and you are really only four years old are you immortal? or a time traveller? Or a time travelling immortal?

  6. I had a friend whose birthday was on Feb 29th...so is Vegas on? :)

  7. Amber: Thanks!

    Ashley: That is so cool, and yes frozen yogurt is good ^^

    Barb: I would love too, but I think thats when I have finals T_T so I will probably be missing his wedding!!

    Tricia: haha I do :D but i hate having to wait 4 years just to get nice presents.

    Invader Stu: I'm actually five :p and I wish I were a time traveling mortal...that sound so cool!

    Caterpillar: I don't think Vegas is happening :( my spring break is around the corner...so I need money for that hehe

    -Coffee Bean


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