Friday, January 14, 2011

Lady Gaga and Her Meat Outfit

The Video Music Awards also known as the VMA's, awards musical talent for their hard efforts every year. Of course every year something huge always seems to happen that leave people tweeting about it for days. In 2009, for example, it was all about Taylor Swift and Kanye West, when he viciously took the microphone away from Taylor, just to say how much she did not deserve the award.

A while back (more like last year), everyone was quite interested to see what would happen with Taylor and Kanye, and though I noticed a few tweets on that, nothing called my attention quite as Lady Gaga's meat outfit.

Yes. That is correct. A meat outfit.

I kept laughing at all the strange outfits she wore, but I did not imagine to ever see someone wear raw meat, especially Lady Gaga.

Now I know this is old news, but I started to think about her raw meat dress as I was shopping for dresses.

Though I don't think that the bride-to-be would like the idea of me wearing a raw meat dress to her wedding, I did consider the possibility.

Lady Gaga and her meat outfit, well at least she's not wearing chicken legs on her.

What my meat dress would look like at my friend's wedding.

Though Lady Gaga's dress is out of the ordinary, I would still not be able to wear such a fashion disaster as the meat dress.

Hopefully I'll find the perfect dress to wear to my friends wedding before I end up wearing the meat dress.

Hanny the Coffee Bean

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  1. Supposedly they turned it into jerky and are putting it in a museum.

    It was disgusting in my opinion. LOL WASTED DELICIOUS MEAT!!!


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