Sunday, March 27, 2011

From a Cubicle Desk: The Words of Wisdom

Studying in a university library is quite tedious, especially when it feels like time has stopped. To make things worse, sitting in a cubicle desk makes the whole day seem gray.

As always, I went to the library to get some studying done and thought that the only way I would be able to concentrate was if I sat at a cubicle desk...

What a mistake.

Once I sat down, I started to doze off, but knowing very well that I couldn't, I started to read the writings on the cubicle walls. The words of wisdom.

Word of Wisdom #1: ZTA sluts <---True.
ZTA is a sorority on my campus, I don't know much about them, but the wall says it all. The ZTA's are a bunch of sluts. Now, I'm not saying they are since I don't personally know it, but why in the world would someone write this? Pure anger? Jealousy? or maybe someone with a deep thought? Perhaps, in the writers own way, they were trying to find a deep understanding of the ZTA's and in truth came to conclude that they are a bunch of sluts. Thus, bringing another person to agree with them.

Word of Wisdom #2: Your You're in college don't be ignorant!!!
It is funny to see how students like to point out the ignorance of other students, but wait! What is this? The writer cannot spell? *Gasp* now that is very uneducated. I know we all tend to make our mistakes when writing (trust me I make them all the time), but if you are going to call someone ignorant the very least you can do is write it well.

Word of Wisdom #3: Where has time gone?
The first image that came into my head when I first read this, was of a 70 year old man, who wasted his youthful life away at the library. This question, however, did bring me to ponder as to where has time gone? I have never really given much thought as to where my life was headed or how the months keep passing me by. This one simple question made me question everything from the time of my break-up to the time where I thought that being thin was a must. I started to think about how ridiculous I was and how ridiculous the emotions I had for my ex were, and truly I must say I am now a believer of the phrase: Time heals everything.

So what did I learn from all three words of wisdom? #1 the person is an idiot with nothing better to do than to attack people. #2 If you are going to attack someone, please check your spelling. #3 If you don't live life fully time will fly and you will be asking yourself a whole bunch of damn questions, but in a positive light you come to realize that time does heal everything.

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. #2 made me laugh so hard. lol

    #1 most likely didn't get into their party and is upset. Or the guy tried to have sex with one of the girls and they wouldn't let him. =P*
    Love how I get called "slut" or "bitch" if I don't put out.

  2. people are just hilarious and I agree, Janice...Probably was someone who didn't get into their party or a guy who try to sleep with one of them. lol


  3. There is a third possibility. Maybe a ZTA wrote it themselves. Maybe they are trying to get rid of their nerd chess playing, glee club image but took it a little too far.


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