Monday, March 7, 2011

February 29th? Birthday? Facebook? What?!

As I mentioned in my past post, I was born on February 29th.

This year, it did not appear on the calendar and on years like this, I celebrate it Feb 28th-March 1st. Hell, If I don't have a birth date then why not have two days to replace it? Of course, officially I consider March 1st my official day to turn a year older. However, Facebook decided otherwise.

I had just woken up from my sleep to go to my 8am class, when I decided to check Facebook (It seems to be a routine). As I logged into my Facebook, I noticed I had about 6 notifications. I didn't think anything of it, until I read the first notification.

"Happy Birthday Hanny!"

To my surprise, the other five notifications were the same... After that moment of shock, I proceeded with my day, but as the day kept going, so did the notifications. I kept checking my Facebook every hour and every hour there were more people wishing me an amazing birthday.

Well needless to say, I had more than 8 wishes and knowing that Facebook (sort of) remembered my birthday was good enough.

Though I was not able to do something special for my birthday, my roommates made it more than special when they surprised me with a cake.

If you add the 2 and the 3, you will get my leap year age.

Of course, the birthday wishes didn't disappear on the 28th. No, I still had one more day to go...the day I "officially" turned a year older. I woke up to amazing birthday text messages and more facebook birthday wishes. Since I had a day off from school, I decided to go use some of my birthday coupons, which gives me free breakfast, lunch, and dinner (I still have coupons left). On my way to getting my lunch, I did not expect to see what I saw...

My poor little heart was racing, how could it be possible that out of all days, all months, I end up seeing my ex-boyfriend driving his car past me. The worst part is that it happened on the day I usually celebrate my birthday, the day he made me cry last year.

I didn't think much of it, I just thought it was the most bizarre thing to happen to me. After that, my birthday just felt like another normal day.

Overall, it was a great two day birthday except for the part where I see my ex, but not even he could ever ruin the happiness I felt of seeing so many Happy Birthday wishes.

Though now thinking of it, it would have made me even more happy if I could have done something like this:

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. I think that for someone who only gets a legitimate birthday every four years, you're allowed to request more extravagant hit men to massacre your ex.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! *falling balloons and confetti*

  3. I am totally with Tricia up there. Why waste good tires on an ex? To begin with, you'll need to clean up the mess he makes on the wheels. :P

  4. Ugh. Why is it that exes need to creep up in the most inconvenient of times? I mean, seriously??? I'm glad that you didn't run him over, though. I wouldn't want you to spend the rest of your life in jail commemorating the day you killed your ex. :-P

    Still, you had TWO great days of birthday celebrations! :-D

    I'm still debating of what I should do for my birthday, and I have only one month left to kiss my early 20s good-bye.


  5. Hope you had a great birthday! lol! that picture at the end s great! :)

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