Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Speculoos + Bastogne Cookies = My Diet is Ruined

Today, I finally caved in to the inevitable. I bought myself my very first jar of Speculoos pâte à tartiner.

Speculoos spread based on Speculoos cookies, a yummy cinnamon-y treat that goes well with espresso coffees and teas. The paste, though, is on a whole other plane from its delicious crunchy cousin.

My friends, Speculoos pâte à tartiner is the equivalent of nicotine for your tastebuds. I had just one teaspoon of the stuff and that was enough to have me salivating for days. My very thoughts were consumed by the call of the Speculoos desire until I cracked and bought some for myself.

I also took the chance and purchased some Bastogne cookies. These are the French equivalent of the Belgian/Dutch treat. It only seemed natural to put Speculoos spread on Bastogne cookies. Mixing a crunchy, crumbly texture with a divine lighter-than-air cinnamon cream...it's enough to drive my Shakira-hotness diet against a wall.

These two make a very, very dangerous combination...

I dipped the spoon into the seemingly docile jar. I scooped out a minor dollop that seemed nearly negligible. With a swift, dexterous movement, the cookie and cream became one. I sink my front teeth into biscuit.

This is my Speculoos face, the physical manifestation of ecstasy and nirvana on my being. My foie gras face happens to be the same.

One cookie just wasn't enough. I needed to have just one more...

It is just so good. I see no need for a spoon. What is that good for, anyway? I can just use my index finger to scoop it out...

With each bite, I am further rendered into a hazy state of culinary addiction and I succumb to releasing all sense of reason and feeling...

And then I am gone.

Speculoos. This alone is enough of a reason as to why I should remain in France for the rest of my days.

For another Speculoos-addict with an amazingly hysterical blog, go check out Invader Stu at Invading Holland. He confesses of his addiction here and recounts how he almost had an intervention from caring friends here.

(By the way, his blog just recently turned five years old, so go congratulate him! )

Barb the French Bean


  1. I don't mean to get personal here, or make you uncomfortable...but you look ALARMINGLY happy in those pictures. Like...big O happy. :)

    Now I'm quite curious about this Speculoos goodness!

  2. Speculoos is honestly just THAT GOOD. ;-)


  3. Anyone else slightly aroused by that shot of Barb sucking her finger?

  4. o_O" !!!

    Apparently, I was mistaken about the potency of Speculoos. It is not nicotine for my tastebuds; it is porn for my diet. :-P


  5. No! Don't do it! I've been there. I know what it is like. It feels so good at the time but you are throwing your life away to a crippling addiction. You have to stop now before it is too late. I'll help you. I can be like your drag rehab sponsor... as long as you don't drag me back down with you.

  6. No, Stu, save yourself! It is far too risky for you to go down this path again...I'm the only one who can save herself from this evil goodness...

    *shovels in another tablespoon of Speculoos*


  7. I think it is intervention time.

  8. Speculoo sounds suspiciously similar to 'speculum', which brings a completely different emotion to mind... lol

    How much does this stuff kick Nutella's arse on a scale of 1 to 10??

  9. Stu: NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I refuse to let go!!!

    Stephanie: See above response for details.

    Since I have a nut allergy, I obstain from eating Nutella, but I did eat it once by accident. I ordered a waffle with "chocolate" that turned out to be the damned stuff. I have to admit that Nutella was okay.

    Now, I'm a chocoholic, and if given the choice between Speculoos and Nutella (nutallergy not-withstanding), I'd choose Speculoos in a HEARTBEAT. It's easily ranks 1,278,456 on the scale of 1 to 10 to me. :-)


  10. I am drooling with envy.

    I forgot about your nut allergy - you have mentioned that in other posts.

    Mmmmm Speculooooooooooo....

  11. I am trying to diet as well, but I just bought a box of Bastogne, AWFUL! They are too delicious.

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