Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Million Drafts, One Post

Everyday I get on blogger to check the progress of Two Beans or Not Two Beans, and to make new posts. However, it has come to my attention that I have about 10 drafts waiting for me to finish them, but I never get around to them. Most are interesting topics, but as the months pass these topics become old news.

The Evil Drafts...

Can I help it if I have so many ideas running through my head? so many mishaps in my everyday life? No, I cannot, but I should do something about those damned drafts before they start taking over the published posts.
If my habits of starting a post and never finishing them continue, soon Two Beans or Not Two Beans will have a million drafts, and one post by me every 3 years! Of course French Bean will have posts up, but there is so much one person can do.

The drafts haunt me, the very word 'draft' tortures my amateur writing skills. It is as if the 'draft' were saying to me "You can never finish me! You imbecile unknowable little buffoon. Mwahahahaha."

It is like a plague of drafts, the more I write the more drafts I see! Can anyone save me? Is there any hope? Will I actually reach a million drafts and only have one post every 3 years?

I think this is a to be continued post...

If I get around to continuing.

-Hanny the Coffee Bean


  1. Draft, draft, draft, DRAFT.

    There. That should haunt your dreams for tonight. ^.^


  2. My blog is the exact same way! So many drafts... and I hate to delete them since I took the time to write it. :(

  3. Aww... curses. I just deleted them all. It nagged me. The power of the DELETE button.

  4. Don't worry Hanny.....I have no less than seven or eight drafts in my dashboard at any given time too.

    Just means you got a lot going on in the old melon up there. That is better than most people have.

  5. love your blog.


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