Monday, January 23, 2012

Everything is Hunky-Dory

See? That's me being a-okay!

Well, we are well into the twenty-third day of the 2012 and it is only up until now that I came up with something to say.

(To Coffee Bean: I'm sorry if I put you through the responsibility of single-handedly taking care of the blog posts. That was quite rude of me and I'll try to refrain from doing so again.)

It seems that most of my inspiration got zapped the second December 26th rolled into my life, for it was on that day that I saw the very first Weight Watchers commercial in over two and a half months of television ads devoting themselves to spreading holiday joy straight to my if fast-food commercials weren't bad enough.

Seriously, people, that made me go "WTF? You tortured me for two and a half months to gorge on rich, high-calorie foods and NOW that Christmas is over, you want to guilt-trip me into losing weight?" I couldn't even enjoy the last full week of 2011 without thinking "Jenny Craig is right."

In short, I did a personal re-evaluation and set a new target weight loss goal.

I want to lose 75 pounds.

Of which I've only been able to shed 2.4 of them. Whoot.

Something tells me that I may have to join a gym. There is even a gym that is rather close to my home, only a twenty-minute walk away. All of the other gyms require driving, and I prefer to spend twenty minutes walking as opposed to twenty minutes driving. Sounds like the perfect place to go, right?

Except the people in Miami can be a bit odd. I don't know what was going through the owner's mind when they founded this chain of workout areas, but with a name like PORKY'S GYM, the chances of me enrolling there are zero to none.

And, yes, Porky's Gym is a real place. Based on their website's front page, I'd end up looking like a muscle head by the time 2013 rolls in.

What guy wouldn't like to date a lady who had a diminished chest and bigger biceps than he does?

I think I'll go take another walk today followed by a quick shower. I usually find that my best ideas come in the middle of walks and showers.

Barb the French Bean


  1. The cheapest, best thing you can do is buy a couple of 5 lb weights (lower if needed) and do some weight-lifting exercises. For aerobic workouts, Zumba. Added bonus: you have a Latina background--it would bring you closer to your culture. :)

    Not to mention walking is a good exercise in and of itself. :) I recommend following this woman's blog:

    She's been on a mission to lose weight for a little while now and I think she has a good, realistic (meaning flaws and all), funny handle on how to do it. :)

    Hm...maybe a few too many smileys in here...:D

  2. Smileys are most certainly welcomed! And thanks for the blog address! I will check it out! :D


  3. You sort of look like Gaston in that last picture too. ;)

    Good luck with your goal!

  4. Be careful with your socks :p

    Are you sure it is a gym. I remember another famous place called Porkies that was not a gym... from some movie...

  5. That's alright lol I have too many post ideas anyways :p

  6. Lol, that was not a good idea for a gym name. I'm trying to lose weight as well(lost 60 lbs so far, yay!)...such fun! (not!) I started taking a zumba class...which is very unlike me since public dancing/exercising terrifies me...but I got dragged into it by friends, so it's not too bad I suppose, lol! :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  7. Lol! Good story!

    I need to lose about 15 kg... NOT easy! Specially 'cause gyms bore me to tears!

    Good luck! Just find something FUN ;o)

  8. Gabriella and Cris: This may sound a bit funny, but I've found that hula dancing is also quite a fun way to burn calories as well, and it certainly works out the hips!

    Gabriella, keep it up! I know how much of a struggle it is to achieve such an accomplishment; I used to weigh 257 pounds when I was 18 and lost around 80 pounds by my Junior year in college. (Eek!)

    Cris: Maybe you could go walking or jogging on the beach? Sand is a surface that will work out the legs and you get the benefit of seeing the waves crashing against the shore! :D

  9. Stu: Hm. Now that I think about it, Porky's gym just might be related to the other place (I *knew* there's a reason to avoid that place)!

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