Friday, January 13, 2012

Thought of the Day: Not Good Enough?

All the posts I have, inspired by my trip to England are still being written, but today I wanted to talk about something else.

Something that has been plaguing my thoughts day in and day out. Something that I wake up to and fall asleep thinking about. These thoughts have now become my new boyfriend in the sense that I cannot stop thinking about it and it is driving me absolutely crazy.

So the thought of today and of a few weeks ago is:

Why when you have something good right in front of you do you insist on getting rid of it?

This question of course has nothing to do with me because I cherish everything good in my life, but on a daily basis I have noticed that people do this a lot and I do not quite understand.

Are we so focused on our past that we do not realize what we have in front of us? Is it that what I may see as something good, they don't see it in the same way?
It can be with anything really, but my thoughts have leaned towards being in a relationship/dating.

I know it seems that often this certain topic seems to appear in my daily posts as if I were obsessed, but truth is that being a psychology major makes me want to investigate the things that do not make sense to me.
But here is another kicker, it will never make sense because we are talking about everyone's perspective on things, upbringing, experiences etc...

So why even think about it? Well my mind was made to think about the thought process of others, which makes sense as to why I chose Psychology in the first place.
Think about it though, have you ever met someone who was just amazing, but has had some shitty luck when it comes to dating? Have you ever had something good in the past, but messed it up?

I want to hear from my readers today.

Why when someone has something good right in front of them, do they mess it up and walk away from it?

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. I don't know if I have a real answer for this, but I did have some similar thought patterns in recent months. I've since sorted myself out, and I feel a lot better than I did before.

  2. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been thinking about this and I'm glad you feel a lot better ^_^

  3. I know someone who is an amazing person but tends to take something shitty (a crap boyfriend). I think it's because she does not believe in her self enough to wait for the nice guys. She wants to be in a relationship so bad she takes the first person who comes along and does not stop to think if it is worth it.

    I'm no psychologist but I've seen one on TV.

  4. Yep I know tons of people like that I'm afraid. I even know a few who actually had great boyfriends, but dumped them because they didnt seem to appreciate the person. It's really sad.

    Lol I've seen them too and no I'm not talking about Dr. Phil XD


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