Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello, Fake Mr. Nice Guy

I know this blog is usually for shits and giggles, and I am very aware that I sometimes go into an emotional rant, that probably has all my male readers banging their heads against a wall waiting for the return of ninja squirrel.

However, Bare with me... and my dear male readers you can also apply this situation to a woman as well, though I would probably title it The Acting Bitch: Hiding Behind the Nice Act.

A while back I wrote about the asshole phenomenon and how being an asshole seemed to be the way some guys got girls. Well in one of my random conversations with one of my friends, I questioned why a lot of the guys I dated changed through the relationship or after it...Her answer was that they were faking it to get with me, but later showed their true colors.

Then this thought came to mind, guys fake being nice to get with me when in reality they are assholes?! But...why?

Why is it that they change into being nice and follow me around like puppy dogs until they have my attention? and why is it that when I actually give them that attention, they turn into assholes and with one wave of the finger they make the decision of breaking up with me?

Is it selfishness that causes this? bitterness towards women? or just plain immaturity? or maybe just a perception I have? or it might just possibly be me?

I'm not saying that I am great myself, I have hurt others in my younger years, but at the same time I do have a good heart. A heart that seems to care way too much about people and my thought is...why?

Why fake being nice to just be with me? Sure, they might have not been nice at all and might have just used this as a way to win their challenge, but really everyone I've ever dated?? I've gotten the usual "I'm a good guy," "I'm not like every other guy," "I'm the guy that everyone overlooks," type of lines and yet when I believe that this might be true, they turn around and turn into assholes.

Will I ever know what is up? Probably not...They probably are attempting to be like this guy:

But I doubt it.

I hope I eventually break this cycle of dating so many fake Mr. nice guys and genuinely date a nice guy, who will not hire an asshole or turn into one.

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. I think they fake it to satisfy their ego. Tell themselves they can get any girl they want and the more girls they can get the better.

    1. Maybe your right but I think it might be generalising a little too much. There's probably several reasons. And maybe the reply feature will work this time.

      The trouble with being an actual nice guy all the time seems to be that no girls are interested though...

    2. I'm interested! point me to a guy who is absolutely nice all the time and watch how my interest level stays there ^^

  2. Jnana's probably right to an extent. There are allot of good guys out there though, chalk it up to bad luck!

  3. The tricky part of this is: how do you distinguish the actual nice guys from the fakes?

  4. Tom: I guess, but i havent met any yet...

    Dave: exactly, how do you? I mean the ones I thought were nice turned out to be fakes...

  5. Read, of course, far from my topic. But still, we can work together. How do you feel about trust management???

    1. Well it's far from my topic, for starters. but if you have any inquiries please email us at


      hanny the coffee bean


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