About the Beans

Barb: New Jersey-born, Miami-raised and France-crazed. ^.^ I can also be dance-crazed and coffee-crazed. For the record, I'm the actual coffee addict on this blog, but I'll stick to calling myself French Bean. Because I like France and beans.

Even though life may get me down sometimes, it is much too short to live it with a frown, a teaching I try to keep in mind when I moved back to the States after a two-year stint as an English Teaching Assistant in Dijon and remained unemployed for more than a year.

I then found myself with the chance to return to Croissant-and-Baguette Land to drink Loire Valley wines and make friends with horses. Lots and lots of horses. I also have the opportunity to travel quite a bit, roughly every two months, and seize every chance I get to board a train or a plane to discover new places...provided that I am not perpetually-late.

I currently reside (albeit unemployed) in Le Mans, home of the PlantagenĂȘt CitĂ© and the 24 heures. I also keep a bucket list, which is written under the "Tidbits" tab.

Little known fact: I was offered the job to become the Minister of Transport for Holland by King Stu from Invading Holland, a position which I accepted. Years later, I got the chance to see my hard work by visiting the Netherlands and even having a drunk Dutchman grind on me during the first King's Day.

Hanny: In a land far, far away, I came into existence. Not sure if that was a good idea with my bad driving and all, but what can I say, I am a natural. I am also Miami-raised and just plain crazy. I also have a record of dating mishaps and am frequently single. ;-)