"Hey! What gives? I thought your blog was about food. How come I don't see no recipes?"

Well, we may talk about food in certain posts, but this definitely isn't a recipe and cooking show. We talk about...anything.

Our addictions, our favorite bands, our encounters with people on the bus, our attempts to be a mail-order bride, the catastrophic tale of an artistic spider. Even horny snails.

"Not to insult you guys, but your blog makes me go 'WTF.'"

Your statement isn't really a question...

"For the love of God, can French Bean stop talking about France?"

Does a snowflake stand a chance of not melting in Hell?

"Can you tell us the names and locations of your exes so we can beat them up?"

Thanks for the offer, but we really want to keep their identities secret.

"Can you put up pictures of yourselves?"

Well, of course we can...WILL we put up pictures of ourselves is a different question.

"Okay, okay...WILL you put up pictures of yourselves?"

Probably not.

Not unless you count the back of Coffee Bean's head appearing here...DUN, DUN, DUN!

And Barb has revealed herself in a few posts. See here and here.

"How did you guys start Two Beans or Not Two Beans?"

This should answer your question, and we are not guys :)


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