Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogging = Sanity

Nowadays, blogging has become something sensational to do among those who like to write (and in certain cases make money). Of course I don't do it for money...

Blogging started for me when my heart was viciously torn into pieces by someone very dear to me, but the more I blogged the more I started to realize how much it was helping me heal.

Then I started to think about what would happen if I didn't blog...What would happen to me? Did blogging really help me? or am I just hallucinating and it wouldn't have made a difference?

My mind went berserk trying to imagine life without blogging (of course I have other things to do, but still blogging helps me keep sanity).

If I didn't blog....

  • I think a volcano would erupt hitting only my house till every trace of my existence disappeared.

  • I would probably come home after a long day, find myself all alone, and roll myself into a ball rocking back and forth.

  • I would be roaming outside probably asking for money (though I do believe I'll eventually get to that).

(They don't all have to have a picture).

  • Wild boars will appear out of nowhere and attack me because they can smell the insanity, that I will possess for not blogging.
(Nope...still no picture...).

  • I would sleep drive from lack of sanity or some sort of mental disorder...Trust me if my driving is already bad awake, imagine just how bad it would be to sleep drive. (for those of you who are not familiar with sleep driving, it is usually caused by some mental disorder).

(Too lazy to make a picture...).

  • I would probably become a vicious person, whose sole purpose in life is to live with the wolves.

  • I would get so bored that it would make me walk around the nearby forest; getting bit by a rabid squirrel, and turning me into a rabid human. Eventually I will spread the rabies causing the end of human civilization.

Blogging has saved millions and millions of lives...It has saved a lot of people from making humiliating mistakes, stalking ex's, going out and being socially awkward, running around in the nude, getting drunk and later mooning your parents-in-law etc...(of course when I say "a lot of people" I mean me).

If it weren't for blogging, I would be a danger to human civilization. Luckily, human civilization is free from rabies as long as I keep blogging.

So did blogging make a difference? I think so...I saved the world from my insanity and I am happily sane.

Hanny The Coffee Bean


  1. I agree 100% blogging is an awesome outlet. It's nice to be able to have a hobby that can free your mind from the worries of the world and keep you sane. I have found that blogging has made me a better writer and I tend to learn a lot when I write each of my new posts.

    PS: I really enjoy your drawings keep up the good work! :)

  2. Ooooo, new blog! Me likey! Blogging rocks.

  3. Agreed. Blogging rocks my socks off!

    -French Bean

  4. Three cheers for the life-saving properties of blogging!!! :o)


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