Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Pipo


Has it already been five years since I last celebrated this day with you in person? I cannot believe it...

Your sudden departure affected the very core of my existence. At the time, I never imagined myself surpassing the hurt that left me debilitaded for days. I felt pain, confusion, even anger. I never imagined that I would begin my adulthood without you in my life. But I had to. My life could not come to a halt. I could not prevent myself from continuing to grow and live.

But it was hard, Pipo. It was very difficult to start such a tumultuous period of life without you. What I truly miss are your words of wisdom. You always had a good opinion. You always gave good advice. And your humor. You always made me laugh.

I won't forget what you once told me about the role of the body and the importance of the soul. "The body," you said "is nothing but the puppet of the soul. The soul is what truly matters."

You were one of the most cultured and wisest men that I will come across. You nurtured my mind with books. Books, you said, are the fertilizer of imagination and knowledge. You taught me to appreciate the simple things. To this day, I don't look at a sunset without thinking about you.

So, don't worry, Pipo, the lessons you passed on to me will remain in my spirit for the rest of my days.

Missing you terribly today,
Your daughter


  1. what a lovely letter... it brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Merci. I'm am touched by the way you felt my letter. Every day is a new one that we must live, even if those who we love are no longer physically present with us. Things will always turn out better.



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