Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Going on in My Room

During the 7 months that I was away, the air conditioning device in my room took a nice long vacation from functioning 24/7. I have now returned. It's officially summer and to be in a room without air conditioning equates to suffering in a self-induced sauna.

Last night, after being forced to pick up its arduous work schedule, I came to the conclusion that my air conditioner is going on strike. To punish me for making it undergo a relentless torture, it started dripping water down the wall.

That water eventually collected on the floor. Where some of my books and papers had been set.


I don't have enough money to provide my air conditioner with some Social Security so it can quietly retire on a beach somewhere. I can't afford to replace it with a younger, stronger model. It has to continue laboring in my room, spewing cool waves of relief. Once I had turned off the switch, I cleaned up the water and began an operation.

I removed the front cover to expose the AC's innards. I hooked a couple of tubes to drain the water that pours out and slanted each tube into a large 5 gallon pail.

Well, at least it works.

Barb the French Bean


  1. You're funny. :) Also brilliantly resourceful.

    (And I am Mary commenting through google.)

  2. not the books! haha air conditioners rebel

  3. Zora: MARYYYYYYYYYYY!!! When can I be graced by your presence again? ^.^

    SJ: Yes, my AC went on strike, and with a vengeance...

    -French Bean

  4. An industrious woman - I like that! Looking forward to reading more.


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