Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sandy The Sandman: Cousin from Jersey

Miami is a town with a considerable lack of snow. We have no white Christmases, nor winter wonderlands, not even a measly sleigh ride or two.

During my time as a teaching assistant, one of my students asked me that since we made no snowmen, did we make sandmen instead during the month of December? (No, of course not.) But the idea isn't that far-fetched...

Today has been a real scorcher: 94 degrees F. It's the perfect weather to make a Sandman.

I give you...Sandy the Sandman and his snowman cousin Lloyd.

Barb the French Bean


  1. Nice post. I want to make a sand man but there is no snow or sand in London. I heard in Florida there is a town based on Disney and they punp in real snow around Christmas.

  2. Merci beaucoup! ^.^

    Well, I consulted with Coffee Bean about the snow in Orlando (she's fairly familiar with the area), but she has not heard about that happening. Unless you count Blizzard Beach (a waterpark).

    -French Bean


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