Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Passion Pit

For those of you who do not know Passion Pit:

Dear Passion Pit,
Let me just say how AMAZING I think you all are. I would love to say that I am your biggest fan, but you guys probably get that all the time. Anyways, so I just found out that you guys were coming to perform. Here. Where I am. Tomorrow. Where I am. When I heard about this I was psyched, but that all came to an ending after today.
I went through mountains, ravaging animals, lunatics, and so many other things, but I got no where. I had gone the distance; sweating, crying, pulling hair, kicking, screaming, and just plain agitated, and yet that got me no where. Oh how tormented my soul felt knowing that I had not gotten the tickets on time! The pain, sweat, and tears I had to experience every time a seller told me "I'm sorry, we are sold out". I madly drove to every place I knew that might have them, but it was hopeless, no one had anymore tickets. My heart dropped thinking that I might actually miss the opportunity to see my most beloved band play and so as the sun set, I gave up looking. "But wait!" I said to myself, as I grabbed for my computer and searched online. I frantically looked through every site, but I saw no tickets. After hours of searching, I finally gave up and said "Someone! Anyone! give me passion pit tickets and I will give you my legs, arms, kidney even my eyeballs!" but it was hopeless. To make matters worse, knowing that Tokyo Police Club is going to be there makes me want the tickets even more. Oh the insanity! How could I have been so stupid to let this opportunity slip!
Passion Pit, you guys are amazing and though I cannot find any tickets, I will still go to the event tomorrow in hopes that they may be selling tickets at the door. If they do not have any, I will probably cry, kick, scream, viciously stomp on the ground, but at least I will have the pleasure of being in the same area as all of you guys.


Hanny The Coffee Bean

Tokyo Police Club:

More Passion Pit:

I love you Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club!

(I do not own any of the videos, they all came from youtube. Just thought you should all know!)


  1. I hadnt heard this band before,mabye you'll get lucky and find some shady guys in trench coats selling tickets, good luck

  2. Hopefully! Though I did hear that they were going to sell them at the door, but I don't even know if they are sold out :/ Only the pre-sale tickets are.

  3. Hi ya :]
    Thanks for the comment. Nice passion pit shout outtt


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