Wednesday, June 30, 2010


[Translation: Twilight]

Half of the whole world went mad when the Twilight Saga came out. Now that the movie, Eclipse, is here, the world once again is being tortured by screaming, crying, annoying, gaga over Rob Pattinson, little girls.

Of course, I would be hypocritical if I did not say that I do enjoy the movies, and I have had many thoughts as to what I would do if I met the Twilight cast.

(by the way, if you cannot read what I am saying in the cartoon, I am saying "Bitch! He's mine! Grr!").

For those of you not familiar with Twilight, it is a story about a vampire falling in love with a human. It is your typical forbidden love story, except that in this story the vampires sparkle, and they have options as to how they want to die. It can be through a vampire mafia, a pack of wolves, or having others rip your head off and burning it. How delightful!

(The Puppet version of Twilight)

Of course I prefer the vampires burning to death in the sun, but burning handsome vampires in the sun is a crime, and so they must sparkle.

Don't get me wrong I like Twilight, but the fanaticism has got to STOP. I cannot even go to the movie theaters this week due to the fact that millions of little girls will be there, screaming their lungs out. I would rather walk on hot stones rather than to hear little girls crying over a fictional character, but that's just me (other people would probably cut their own ears off).

Eventually, this Eclipse madness will fade till they make the next movie *gulp*. So for now I should just avoid the movie theaters, and prepare myself for the next Twilight movie...

Maybe I'll go to Tahiti.

What would you do?

Hanny the coffee bean

(Disclaimer: Although it was put together by me, I did not draw any of the cartoons. The cartoons come from and the video of course comes from youtube, made by SpookyDan).


  1. Going to French Polynesia is not a bad idea. Maybe I could join you there.

    Meh. You know that I'm team "doesn't read the Twilight Saga."

    -French Bean

  2. I'm also team "doesn't read the Twilight Saga."

    What would I do? Run away to London. Wait... do people like Twilight there too? 0.0

    If I'm stuck around it, I'd probably act out a lightsaber battle in front of the screen and dodge the theatre food being thrown at me with a smile.

  3. Sotepop, it's time for us to invest in lightsabers. >:)

  4. I'll join you girls, then.

    And, yes, Sotepop, Twilight must be popular in England as well. Hell, even the French like it. :-P

    -French Bean

  5. Oh yes Twilight is indeed popular in England -_- so I heard from a friend.

    I will also join in the investment of a lightsaber. ^^

    - Coffee Bean

  6. Come to Spain! It's popular but nothing crazy... Plus we have plenty of towns on the Mediterranean without a cinema so you could avoid the upcoming release all together! ;o)


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