Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Drowning in a Glass of Water

After the joy I experienced yesterday in learning that I will go back to France, I realize now what a fool I've been to worry so much about nothing. The thought of me not returning to France petrified and depressed me to the point that I was frightened to join the world around me.

There is a saying in Spanish: "Te estas ahogando en un vaso de agua." Literally, it translates to "you are drowning yourself in a glass of water." I equate this to "making mountains out of molehills." Beaucoup de bruit pour rien.

In other words, I was sweating the small stuff. Today, as I ran some errands, I heard on the radio Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds."

Don't worry
About a thing
'Cause every little thing is gonna be all right

I have to keep that in mind more often.

(I promise I'll have a "real" post tomorrow...)
Barb the French Bean


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