Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Dreamt a Dream

Last night, I watched America's Got Talent. I also saw Losing It with Jillian and perhaps some of The Tonight Show.

Then I went to bed.

Sometime in the night, I had a brief adventure into the unconscious realm of dreamland. I was dressed in somber rags and running after a masculine figure who always seemed to be close enough to the touch, yet he remained too distant to be tactile. My hand kept reaching and reaching for him. He was someone familiar. He should not be leaving me behind! My grasp never felt the comforting force of his fingers. He neither pushed me away nor did he brusquely tell me to leave him in peace. He just kept walking. He never looked behind him to see the pain etched across my face. I knew him. He kept walking...

My heart no longer recognized this man. Who had he become? Why was he doing this to me?

This morning, as I opened my eyes after resting, the very first thought that popped into my head was Susan Boyle's voice singing the opening line of "I Dreamed a Dream." Why is that?

Perhaps my psyche is informing me politely that I should stop being a lazy bum and continue reading Hugo's Les Misérables (in French). "You paid good money for those books, Missy. You also bought it roughly two months ago in Dijon, which means that you should have read all the volumes by now. So, hop to it!!!"

My subconscious certainly has the knack of guilt-tripping me to become more culturally knowledgeable. I suppose that it is trying to encourage me to stop thinking about someone I left behind in France...

After experiencing such a horrid dream, I had the urge to immediately watch the Britain's Got Talent clip of Susan making "that audience rock." I realize that she is "old news," but I simply love that video. Her joy is so heart-warming. Unlike the man in my dream.

Barb the French Bean

Disclaimer: I do not own the video that has been shared in this post.


  1. C'est toi la française? Bon. Je me souviens quand j'ai reçu un lien vers cette vidéo le lendemain de l’émission. Je n'avais pas encore entendu parler. A la première note de sa voix, je me suis arrêté ce que je faisais et mes yeux étaient rivés au petit écran. À la fin, j'ai eu quelques larmes dans mes yeux. (Yes, I'm a guy and I cry at stuff like that once in a while. Shoot me.) Je ne sais pas ce que cela a vraiment à faire avec ton rêve, mais je tenais à le partager. I hope it doesn't bother you.

  2. Salut! Non, ça ne me dérange pas du tout! En fait, ton commentaire est sympa. ^.^

    Comme j'ai dit, j'adore ce clip car le moment est éblouissant. La chanson lui va comme un gant! Sa voix cristalline et sa suis heureuse chaque fois que j'entends cette chanson sublime. Elle me donne la chair de poule.

    Bon. Je ne suis pas une Française, mais je suis presque francophone et, sans doute, une francophile!

    Merci d'avoir partagé un moment inoubliable et touchant de ta vie!



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