Monday, June 14, 2010

Mobile Blogging: My Way

Let's face it technology is advancing at a fast pace. From books to a kindle, Film cameras to digital cameras, VCR to blue ray, Big dinosaur computers to laptops, and so forth.

Even cell phones are getting better! We have the iphones, blackberry, and all the other pretty ones..But wait! we also have the kin. For those of you who have not seen the thousands of commercials on the kin, it is a cell phone that is specialized for social networking. Now as good as this cell phone and all other cellphones are, it still does not fulfill my need as a blogger.
Sure there's many ways to blog from a cellphone, but since it is not one of the main things on a cellphone, it always ends up looking like texts. Well at least on my phone.

So on my way to the gym, I started to imagine what my perfect blogging phone would be.

1. It has to have a big screen, those tiny screens just will not cut it for my blogging needs. I need to see the screen, and all the features I usually see on a normal computer.

2. The qwerty keys have to be big, I do not have hamster hands.

I have to see a nice background. Do not give me the logo backgrounds, I want nice cool backgrounds. It would be a plus if I could make the background from scratch.

4. I love shortcuts and pretty little squares filling up my screen!

Now if we put it together, I will get a......

A CALENDAR?! or well a flat computer...

Maybe I should just stick to my computer or buy a netbook before I end up with medusa hair, and just leave cell phones for calls and texts.

(someday I will make the best phone ever....probably flat too).

Hanny The Coffee Bean


  1. Only in our blog will you see a snowman next to a fully blooming tree, and no one will bat an eye.

    --French Bean

  2. Steve Jobs has also invested in the notorious iPad, but I feel a little uncomfortable using something that has a name similar to something I use every few days of the month...>.>

    --French Bean


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