Monday, May 16, 2011

Broke-Ass Broke

Okay. What's the last thing that you should be doing when you are broke-ass broke? Spend what little money you have left in your dirty clutches.

Yeah, well screw that. I'm a strong believer that the world should be explored when you are young-ish and carefree, so that is why this broke-ass broke girl is currently blogging from Murcia, Spain. I needed a real vacation before my eventual return to Miami.

Of course, my mean of transportation involved a 20-hour bus ride from Dijon, France to Alicante, Spain. Perhaps hitch hiking shall be my next endeavour into broke-ass broke travelling. Meanwhile, I'm going to see if I can catch some rays and eat some more chicken paƫlla, because that stuff is just AWESOME.

Barb el frijol frances


  1. I would recommend against hitchhiking. Can't really do that safely in this day and age...

    And apparently Murcia is well-known for its seafood dishes. Make sure to try some of them out. And will you be trying tapas?

  2. Random Rambler: I might go out for tapas sometime this week-end with my friends. I can't have any of the seafood dishes because I'm allergic to shellfish and I can't stand fish. --.--

    Oh, and the Spanish cook with so much oil; I can feel my arteries clogging and my stomach expanding in the few days that I've been here! Eek!


  3. I totally get that! When I was a student (like 200 years ago) I use to live of water and brown rice just to buy the books I wanted. Books take presedent in my life. For a while I could afford books rather comfortably. THen I became a mother. Now I am buying children's books ALL THE TIME. The first stage faded. I am hoping this one will too.

    Enjoy the holiday.


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