Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Early Mumsy Day and Hello Tissue Box

As everyone might be aware, Prince William got married! This has taken quite a toll on me.

To believe that my beloved future (not so future anymore) husband got married to another woman, is causing me to have some very odd withdrawals and eating habits.

This is the one crush I've had since high school. Of course, he had hair back then and he was thinner back then, but he still has the same face...

(Not Prince William...Obviously)

Either way, when I saw him standing next to the bitch who stole my man, I cried...and...cried.

I shouldn't have cried so much seeing as I didn't have my tissue box around...crap I should have been prepared, but am I ever?

Which brings me to my next issue.

I need a mother's day present! I have no idea what to get my mother, I mean she's not the jewelry type and her eye sight is so bad she can't read books anymore (at least not with tiny font). In the past I have given her with spa certificates, creams, cards, dinner, ipod, purses, gift cards, and sweets.

Why are women so hard to shop for? I rather buy someone a pS3 or a nice watch from fossil rather than to figure out what to buy my mother. Usually, she will tell me not to get her anything, but for her hard efforts and for giving birth to me, it is my mission to always get her something.

I even tried to put myself in the place of my mother and as a result, I come to realize that if I were a mother myself, I would like to get a ps3 or whatever system is out when I am a mother. If the child happens to be young and jobless, then I would probably want my child to kick and scream to daddy that he/she wants to go to Hawaii (taking me along...of course).

So of course my mindset is not helping me find the best gift for my mother...

If anyone has any ideas, help?

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. How about you cook a meal for her? No one said that getting a gift for mom requires spending money.

  2. I'm in the same Mother's day and Prince William marriage boat as you, Hanny.

    Maybe you can make a card? I know that screams elementary school, but perhaps a nice card and a home-cooked meal (thanks for Random Rambler's suggestion) could do the trick.


  3. I think he's made a huge mistake and he does not know what he is missing with out you.

  4. There's still one single prince. If you don't mind him dressing as a Nazi for Halloween, he could be a fairly nice substitute...


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