Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just One of The Guys

Being a female, who is usually found among a group of guys, I took interest in the movie 'Just One of The Guys' upon seeing the title on Netflix.

At first glance, I thought the movie would be somewhat like a story about always being the friend, but never the girlfriend situations, but it wasn't.

The movie focuses on a high school journalist girl, who is determined to win a summer internship at a local newspaper, but when her professor passes up her article in favor of a few others written by males, she is convinced that it was passed up because she is a girl. So in order to win her internship she goes undercover as one of the guys and spends a week at her rival school to re-submit her article. That is until she meets....Rick.


Well as you can see, the girl falls in love. Not exactly what I expected, but for an 80's film, it was really damn good.

Of course, I was expecting other things like a kick ass girl, who hangs out with a lot of guys and blows things up.

Sort of like me! Okay, okay so I don't blow things up...anymore, but hell it would have been one hell of a movie to see some scary ass girl's hair on fire.

Hanny the coffee bean

(disclaimer: Picture is not mine, it is from


  1. Makes me want to watch it. I've seen different versions of movies like that though. Girl goes undercover, falls in love with guy.

  2. Yep, which is why I thought this time around it would have been different, but either way it was still a really good movie to watch.

    -Hanny the coffee bean

  3. Does she sack the QB? That'd be awesome cause I've done that. It scares guys how good I am on the defensive line. Hah

  4. I LOVE 80s MOVIES!! =) I need to see this. I've probably seen the Goonies 10809328798752 times. =)

  5. Imagine what could happen in a woman get into a men's room or something like that I think it would be fatal for her, or maybe she likes that condition.


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