Monday, September 12, 2011

Not Another Late Night Post

The only thing worse than another late night post is waking up from a nightmare at 2am. Especially, when there is a long day ahead of you.

A few days ago, I found something rather interesting while in the ladies restroom and thought I should share the persuasive and random thoughts of a few ladies from my campus.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" -Eleanor Roosevelt

Whoever wrote this was thinking clearly, but being as it was found in a stall...Tells me that they might have been feeling inferior about pooing in public (at least that's my thought, even though that is probably not the case at all).

In this one, I read that the girl was talking about experiences. Honestly, it feels more like she is seeking advice from the random people that enter the stall.

Boobies and vagina are so much better and enjoyable than sucking a man's penis...

Well since I am straight, I cannot confirm this nor will I ever be able to. To me it sounds right out nasty and just reading this made me feel sick to my stomach.

Faith and logic are not mutually exclusive, rather people just posess posses other, neither, or both of them.

In the stall, I've noticed three things, people have very interesting thoughts, college students cannot spell to save their lives, and some of these girls have way too much time on their hands.

From just reading this, I feel this person might just be agnostic with a scientific outlook on things. Probably majoring in the sciences ( or is an exception).

It's interesting how it is now a tradition to write on this stall. Like I really have the time to write on it. Then again, I did have time to take pictures of the writings...

Eh, I had a huge break. Maybe, eventually I'll go back and leave my mark behind, but for now I should really go back to sleep.

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. I'm sorry. I also enjoy boobies and lady bits more then sucking man bits... I know, I know. I'm sick :p

  2. I agree with Invader Stu. But boobs beat both vaginas and penises.

  3. Tack on "any day" to the end of that.

  4. Makes me wonder why some people think that bathroom stalls are a tangible version of Postsecret. I'd be happy just having the metal hook to hang my purse. :P

  5. Very true actually, i never let anyone to make me feel like an idiot, maybe an ass but i still don't care, i wonder why people is like this, maybe they have some kind of insecurity.


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