Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Hate February

Not only is February known for the leap year day it has every four years, but it is also one of the months with the most relationships occurring.

So you can imagine how many times a day, I have spent pulling my hair out as I see half of everyone getting into a relationship. Every time I go on Facebook, my news feed seems to either be filled with tiny pink hearts or engagement rings. Now, it's not to say that I am not happy for these people, but if you asked me what it is that I envy the most, it would be people in stable relationships.

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of being single and flirting around with guys, but at the end of the day I don't seem to have anyone to think about or anyone I would love to see every day.

Yes, I am a hopeless romantic that absolutely hates jumping from one guy to another (it always ends up bad). I dream with the day that a guy will absolutely sweep me off my feet and will fall madly in love with me.

(Okay not as cheesy...)

I've always heard never to rush anything and that sometimes when you least expect it, you find what you desire. It's true, it has happened to me before, but with time I have come to realize that the more I age, the more impatient I'm getting...

Did I happen to mention my birthday is coming soon?

Yes, my birthday.

It's not just ANY birthday, it's MY birthday and for those who are not aware, my birthday comes every four years. Meaning that I'll be turning 6 years old on February 29th.

So why do I hate February so much?

1) Half of everyone gets into relationships.
2) Half of everyone gets engaged.
3) While everyone has someone to hug at night, I just have my phone.
4) My birthday is this month and I hate getting older.
5) Chocolate sale after valentine's really doesn't do much for my waistline.
6) Another reminder that I'm not quite meeting my resolution goals...

Okay, so it could be worse, but for a romantic like me, this is just sad.

And now a word from my favorite show, Scrubs.

Gotta love rants sometimes.

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. I've seen my fair share of pink hearts, and not just upon the Target shelves.

    So, according to your stats about half the people being in relationships and the other half getting engaged, in which percentage do we singletons lie? o_O

    And J.D. RAWKS!


  2. We my dear friend lie in the bottom of the ditch somewhere, where we aren't even a stat.

    I would so marry J.D...


  3. First off, your pictures are brilliantly hilarious. Secondly, Scrubs is a pretty kick-ass programme.

  4. February is a pretty crappy month, but it does have one thing working in it's favour: it's the sexiest-named month. Only October has an equally sexier name. February is like the Wednesday of months.

    I'm not suggesting you'll like it better if you change your name to February though.

    Although, that might work.

  5. If I was that cartoon guy, I'd be saying that in French, and I'd be a bit less chunky.

  6. Wow, you're the first person I've "met" with a leap-year birthday! I love birthdays, never understood why people were afraid of getting older... it's wonderful! A year full of mistakes behind you and to be forgotten!

    So I'm curious and just going to ask... on non-leap years, when do you celebrate your bday? (I have this crazy thing where I like to celebrate my bday on THE day or not at all, though it really depends on my mood)

    PS: my problem with February is usually that it's the coldest and bleakest month weather-wise

  7. Tom: Thanks! haha I'm glad my crappy fat stick figures are hilarious :p and Yes Scrubs is amazing ^^

    Ash-Matic: Lol! I never thought of it that way...months with sexy names :D Though I wouldn't change my name to February at all.

    Dave: Every girls dream come true: to hear it in French (at least mine).

    CrazyCris: Eh, the older you get the more pressure you feel to accomplish things. During the times that a leap year does not come around, I usually celebrate my birthday on Feb 28th and March 1st. I always call it part 1 and part 2 of my birthday!

    I love cold weather, I think that's the only part of February I do like (especially if you live in one of the warmest places known as Florida Bleh...)


  8. BABE - IT IS NOT that serious, you are not THAT old and everyone who takes things too seriously always gets dissapointed. So eat chocolate but don't over indulge, date with no expectations but to have fun and don't over think stuff, you end up with wrinkles and eyebags. Just relax and have fun, that's the easiest way to be/stay in a relationship. I started enjoying mine when I let go...


  9. Mik: Thanks for the advice, but I am in no way emotionally stable enough for a relationship. Chocolate does sound good, though! Nah, I don't take too many things seriously just my birthday and how many idiots I've dated XD


  10. True, living in Florida I would love the winter as well! My family was in the Ft Lauterdale area for one year and I HATED the summer! So hot and muggy... ugh!

    I love your double birthday idea, brilliant!

    As for the getting older and other people's expectations: the secret to happyness is IGNORE THEM! ;o)

  11. A leap year birthday! You are officially the coolest person I sort-of know! And you are super smart for 6. ;)

  12. CrazyCris: Yes, it is super muggy and hot so whenever it's winter I absolutely love it!

    Haha thank you ^-^ I thought it was brilliant too and easier. Especially when you have family members and friends, not knowing when to celebrate your birthday.

    And you are right, I should ignore them. After all everyone has a different path in life.

    Lorraine: Thanks! Haha I should get a genius award XD


  13. On the bright side you're only turning 6. Wait till you hit the teenage years and have to deal with hormones.


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