Monday, February 13, 2012

I Think Cupid Jinxed Me

Last year, I wrote a post to cupid threatening his life for being such a bastard. Ever since then, it seems that cupid has been playing around with my love life and so once again, for like the second time, I am dateless for Valentine's day.

Yes. Dateless.

I didn't give Valentine's much thought, but with all the reminders around, it was hard to miss what "holiday" was around the corner.

At first, I went into a frenzy as I kept seeing the Kay Jeweler commercials and the grocery stores filled with flowers and chocolates. I wanted to jump every couple I saw holding hands and displaying some sort of affection.

Eventually, after seeing so many pink hearts around, I started to have nightmares of past lovers doing all the romantic things (the things I never got) for their special someone.

Then I slowly started to fall into some sort of depression I couldn't quite understand...

As Valentine's got closer, my emotions went into overdrive and it felt as though Cupid was somewhere around laughing at my expense. Even having such a busy schedule, the idea of having a date plagued my thoughts and as I observed my companions getting married, getting engaged, having babies, and getting into a relationship, my want to have someone to hold was still not happening.

Thus, I believe Cupid jinxed me to be loveless for the rest of my life, but then an idea occurred to me, what if I killed Cupid? Would the curse break? Would Valentine's end? Who knows, but I WILL find out.

For now, I will have to bare with the fact that I don't have a date this year and even if I tell myself maybe next year (which I said last year about this year...), I really shouldn't get my hopes up.

So for everyone who is in the same position as I am, I wish you a Happy let's kill cupid day and for those in a relationship, I say to enjoy your partner because not everyone is as lucky to have someone special in their life.

Hanny the coffee bean


  1. I know how you feel since I have spent every Valentine's Day until this one dateless. Watching all those damn happy commercials and seeing aisles of cute Valentine's Day stuff could drive a girl nuts! lol I'm sure cupid hasn't jinxed you though, maybe he's just taking his time finding a special guy for you. :) I'm very thankful to have a boyfriend this year though. He's a sweetheart and I feel very lucky to have him in my life. :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  2. "Watch out, Cupid stuck me with a sickness
    Pull your little arrows out and let me live my life"

    I feel this is an appropriate song for you. Also quite liberating. :)

  3. Well, if it makes you feel any better, blogging partner-in-crime, I've been single EVERY Valentine's Day that I've celebrated. The only good thing is that the chocolates will be 50% off tomorrow.



  4. Same here, dateless every Valentine's Day. It isn't that big a deal, though. It's only one day, after all. Not worth all that stress. And there's nothing wrong with being single, anyway, you can do what you like without worrying how it'll affect your significant other. Less stress and worry being single compared to involved anyhow. And you can save all that money you would have wasted on a BF that doesn't deserve it and do something nice for yourself. :)

    As for couples, the way I see it, they should celebrate Valentine's every day, not just the one date that the stores agree on.

  5. the special HE always seems to be gone on valentines, and frankly I like it that way, its the one holiday I have never understood.. the concept of 'Cupid' is quite suspect, don't you think? and dont old fables tell us V-day has something to do with death?

    Bah! Humbug!

    LOL... Thanks for your comments, they always make me happy, laugh, spark some form of emotion outta me. I am glad someone actually reads my ramblings :)


    Also, I think I jinxed myself. Last night I was thinking, "oh, Valentines! I forgot! I probably won't even notice."

    Pffft. Yeah right.


  7. 30 years old. Still single. Boo hoo. ;)

  8. Gabriella: I'm glad you have someone! and I hope he is taking his time because if i end up with someone crappy, I'll strangle Cupid.

    May: Sounds about right :p

    Anonymous: Yeah I agree. Valentine's should be everyday for couples.

    Mik: I know right? They always seem to not be around during Valentine's *smh*

    Lorraine: YAY!!! Chocolate....I bought some today :D

    Hanny the coffee bean

  9. Im in a relationship and we aren't very big on Valentines day.

    I never really have been. So if you are planning to kill cupid we should start a group and make some plans because Im in! Lets do this!

  10. Poor Cupid... I don't see how on earth you will let him survive after this! ;o)

    Every year around this date I am reminded of another major cultural difference between the US and so many other countries... V-Day seems to be kind of life and death for so many in the US, but in most other countries I've been it's really no big deal! A minimum percentage of couple will celebrate it (usually new couples), but most don't. And single people aren't really that aware of the holiday! My English students last week were like "it's Valentine's Day? so what?"


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