Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh, Crêpe! (Take Two)

Long-time readers of Two Beans or Not Two Beans have probably perceived that I am a die-hard lover of France and French culture. A francophile, if you will. And being the die-hard francophile that I am, I simply couldn't forget that today is a special day in France.

Can you guess what it is?

It's La Chandeleur, the day I panic and make crêpes at the last minute.

Not wanting to forget the kitchen disasters wonderful things I learned, I decided to make savory crêpes as opposed to sweet, apricot-jam ones from last year. It made more sense to make taco-esque crêpes for dinner, anyway.

I am glad to report that my crêpe-makin' skillz have greatly improved from last year.

In fact, the worst crêpe that I created was the last one because I simply didn't have enough batter left to make a proper one.

Safe to say, this year, I managed to make crêpes without any hitches in the kitchen.


None whatsoever.

Um... *twiddles thumbs*

Like an idiot, I placed the hot frying pan on top of my plastic red cutting board, which made it ooze like blood.

I can add yet another unforgettable moment to my culinary feats.

Barb the French Bean


  1. Well, that's not too bad. Could've placed the hot pan on something made of glass or handled it with bare hands. XD

  2. Poor cutting board.I think it needs to be taken into care where it will be safe.

  3. At first I thought the "worst crepe" was an oreo crepe.

  4. Anon: True. Very true. Although I have made the mistake of grabbing a baking pan straight from the oven with my hand before, so I wasn't about the same mistake twice. :P

    Stu: Yeah, it may need to enroll itself into the Witness Protection Program if it expects to outlast its cutting board life!

    Loonysuse: That...does sound like an interesting crêpe. I suppose it wouldn't be too bad if the Oreos were broken into bits, but if they are mixed with the batter itself... o_O


  5. I've made crêpes once. One I ruined because I was impatient and didn't let the pan get hot enough before putting the batter in, but the rest turned out pretty tasty! I need to try them again. And I should try making savory ones. I'm inspired.

  6. Still made it out useable, right?

    I once turned my black stovetop on without realizing my black cordless phone was sitting there. Melted the side, but I saw it before the battery exploded!!

    Your culinary skills best mine fo sho.

  7. Joanna: I suggest adding some dried chives to the batter! Wonderful taste.

    Stephanie: Ehhhhh don't be so sure on that. I once made a glass container filled with caramel explode. :P


  8. I remember that post!!

    At least no acid was involved. :)


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