Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stupid Heart...Love is for Fairy Tale Characters

As I look at my surroundings, I realize that love has been tarnished. Nothing is ever as one plans it or dreams it. It isn't like the fairy tales you see on tv, where love always wins.

I know this, but my heart...Well my heart sees it differently.

I am aware that I talk about this subject often, but how could I not when love seems to be a main emotion? If you have ever read Barb's Heart in Love=Fail, then you know that the heart can be quite irrational when it comes to love.

My heart, however, is too much of a dreamer and believes that anything to do with love will always win in the end. Kind of like when two people who are madly in love with each other find one another in the end...

Take cinderella for instance, she's poor and has nothing, but with the help of mouses and a fairy godmother she ends up going to the ball and falling in love with the prince. Does it end happily ever after? Of course, it does.

Snow White was poisoned by her evil stepmother and yet the prince finds her, kisses her and they live happily ever after.

Each story ends like that unless we are talking about Romeo and Juliet, but even then their love was so strong that they decided to die for one another.

My heart, however, does not understand that this only exists on tv and in books. It believes that love can do it all. Love can set even the coldest heart free and change a person.

Yeah. Right.

Such beliefs has broken my heart a million times, when another person hurts me with no cause.

Oh stupid heart when will you ever learn that love is only for fairy tale characters?? Love cannot be for humans...don't you see how tarnished it is?

I hope someday my heart will understand.

Hanny the coffee bean

(I think this also adds to my list as to why I hate February).


  1. Aww, Hanny...
    I think I'm very much the same way. Whether we admit it or not, I think many of us want the fairy tale ending, but it's something that's very difficult to find/achieve. However, it's not impossible.
    Love isn't tarnished, because then it wouldn't be love. You say you've had your heart broken several times. I have too, and I know the feeling. You just have to remember that every time your heart gets hurt, it heals so that you can love again. It doesn't always heal up right away, but it does eventually. You'll be okay, I promise.

  2. Funny how they never show us that Happy Ending... just its beginning... :p


  3. Maybe your Heart, my Heart from "Heart in Love=FAIL" and the Trix Rabbit can form a coalition to get what they finally deserve. Some kiddie cereal would probably hit the spot 'cause I'm having breakfast now.

    All joking aside, the fairy tale romances of yore and Walt Disney do provide some inspiration about the human condition. Why do you think they were even written to begin with? Probably some of them were written to teach morals, but they were based on magnifying that which is most precious to us.

    Also, to point out the obvious, if what your heart felt was love, and if that heart belongs to you (a human), then I'd say that love IS for humans and not just fairy tale characters. :) Now, the only question is who won't be idiotic enough to break it? --.--

    -Your blogging partner-in-crime

  4. Dave: Thank you for your words! I think I needed to hear that.

    CrazyCris: Yeah there always seems to be a happy beginning but never a happy ending.

    Barb: You got it! I thought no one would get the trix rabbit "Silly Kids...Trix are for Kids" theme in this. The Trix Rabbit deserves his trix >_<

    My question is that if everyone wanted ultimately to be in love, then why is it that we screw up something that is good? why is there idiots running around breaking people hearts? I've seen people have it all and even a good amount of love from their partner and they reject it and throw the person aside....why take for granted something good? We may have hearts, but often time we are so full of selfishness that we cannot even see how we hurt the other.

  5. There's just one part of this post I will highly disagree with... the 'they lived happily ever after' that is NOT reality, and also that the notion that women are helpless and sad until their prince comes and 'saves them' then they live happily ever after is just SAD. I do believe in love, but I have learned that it can go as fast as it came and it's not as simple as TV and books et al make it out to be.


  6. We manage to screw up EVERYTHING that is good. Love turns to pain. Faith to bigotry. Chocolate to heart-conditions.

    It's who we are; it's what we do.

    Where the romantic ideal breaks is that Love isn't any different - it isn't immune to us.

  7. Mik: I don't agree with it either...Sometimes I wish they would show the reality of that "happily ever after" rather than show that after that they will have to go through a roller coaster...

    Ash-Matic: I like how you think. I just wish we didn't screw up something good...


  8. I agree with what Ash-Matic has to say on the matter. ;)

    On a side note: I'd TOTALLY watch a reality show if it showed what happens to Fairy Tale characters as they live "happily ever after." It would be better than "The Newlyweds," "Joan Knows Best" and "The Jersey Show" combined.


  9. I guess happily ever after only happens once. So, under that logic, you'd be expected to complain about not finding it...until you do. Mind-blowing!

  10. Love isn't tarnished. It's lovely, and if it's tarnished then it's not right, leave it behind and go for a new love!


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