Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three Months Later and Christmas is Here!

Okay, so Christmas isn't here, but I never got to show the Christmas pictures of my amazing trip to England.  In fact there are many things I have not posted; from crazy adventures to everyday accidents. Those stories, however, will be for another day. So without anymore delay, the wonderful pictures from my trip.

The first thing I did was go into a pub.

Somewhere in Cambridge.

I loveeee the telephone booths.

A little market place somewhere in Cambridge.


I never knew London had a Chinatown...and I've only been in London at least 5 times.

Proof that I was in England! and no it was no photoshopped or else I would have made myself look like a model.

Westminister Abbey.

Wellington Arch in London.

@_@ Me+Sweets=KABOOM!!

Kings Cross station (Yes, this is where they made platform 9 3/4 for Harry Potter and no, I did not go see the famous platform.

Cool statue in the train station.

A huge sculpture in the train station.

My transportation for the few days I was there.

The houses are so cute ^_^

I was in the middle of nowhere visiting friends.

Every church in England seems to have a cemetery, which is not seen in the U.S.

I definitely forgot the name of this place, but I believe it was a type of museum. I just remember a whole bunch of people walking dogs.

Me again! 

The name of this place made me laugh. Imagine shopping at the cow. "Oh I got this dress at the cow, do you like?" 

King's College London....Damn I should have gone to this school.

Somewhere around the universities.

I believe this was part of the university.

You could say this is college town, since Cambridge University and King's College are around.

It was so peaceful.

"I got this beautiful blouse at SweatyBetty." o_o

The grass is soooooo green for being winter.

The round church.

I love how I mostly never see this in U.S unless you are in college town.


my new job...(not really)

Fake Michael Jackson in England 

I so want to see this.

I still haven't seen Les Miserables...somehow I feel like I'm missing something important.


Very wise man.

Abraham Lincoln in England?!

My first beer in England.

This christmas tree was made out of legos.

Fish and chips. Not really my favorite, but I did tell myself I would try something different and most common in England.

I love how this picture captures how windy it was by the hair on my face, yet shows the beauty this world has (no I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about the Big Ben).

Big Ben.

Buckingham Palace.

There are more pictures, but I decided to just show the better ones. Sorry for the side way pictures and for making one of the longest posts ever.



  1. Makes me wanna go to England, and soon.

    And I can forgive you for making a long post, just not the "most longest." Superlatives, my dear! :P

    Also, I somehow have the fear that the clothes from Sweaty Betty smell like gym clothes.


  2. Agh! I so had to correct that...I've been writing all day. For school, work and blog, it is tiring.

    - Hanny (a very tired one)

  3. These pictures are great! I would like a castle, please. Thank you.

  4. I think even though I'm an Englander you've seen more of the country than me now.

    1. Really?? wow, but hey at least you have plenty of time for that. I on the other hand had to do all that in a matter of 4 days.


  5. 'The first thing I did was go into a pub.'

    You did it right.
    Nice pics. I hope you enjoyed your trip here!

    1. haha thanks! That's a go into a pub and yes I did enjoy my time. I would love to live there ^^


  6. Those pics are amazing. Normally I'm too shiftless, and discouraged to want to travel, but I think England looks like a place I would want to go.

  7. Hhhmmm... I don't know. You could have still been photoshopped in to those photos :p Either way, nice photos.

    Les Miserables is amazing. I saw it back when I was 18. You have to see it sometime.

  8. Awesome pictures, I'd love to see England one day, looks very peaceful and elegant. :)

    Principessa Gabriella


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