Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Tour of Sablé-sur-Sarthe

Happy France gives you an approximation of where things are

Sablé is, technically, a city, but with a population of a mere 15,000 residents, it's quaint, quiet and absolutely charming. The perfect conditions to inspire some serious writing sessions.

Boat on the Sarthe River

The most impressive aspects of Sablé are its church (with its monument to Sablé's fallen soldiers and citizens)...

...The port along the Sarthe river...

...And the Château that proudly overlooks the city.

Still, not all is the idyllic paradise I make it out to be. Indeed, there is a scourge in Sablé-sur-Sarthe that strikes absolute fear into my heart.

There is...graffiti.
Thug Life, yo.

All joking aside, everyone that I have met here has been friendly and good-humored. They all lack the permanent scowl that comes from the grind of living in a large city day in and day out. Still, I'll admit that after residing in Miami and Dijon, Sablé does feel tiny. It lacks the big-chain clothing stores that I would normally find all over France, something that, for the time-being, my wallet can thank.

There is, however, a McDonald's right across the road from where I currently reside. I honestly cannot make this stuff up, people. When I think about how I once complained last year that all I had to see in Miami was a McDonald's...

In case I need to go on a shopping spree, I would be required to travel to the nearest large city to Sablé-sur-Sarthe: Le Mans.

Yes, there is actually a French city called Le Mans. I have yet to visit but I will undoubtedly end up there at some point during my stay in the Loire Valley. Here is an arrow pointing in its direction.

Now, to answer the most burning question that has been on everyone's mind...

Yes, French stop signs are in English. Who would have thought it?

And since I promised you all horses, here are some more horses. Lots and lots of horses.

Trotting along

Here's lookin' at you, kid.

Barb the French Bean


  1. Th wee fishermen are so cute and I like the Monsieur Bricolage in the background. I miss France, they have mustard crisps and we don't >:( x

  2. It seems like a very beautiful place, even with the graffiti :) I'm really glad you got to live in your dream place, with probably your dream job :) Though I think you'd be willing to trade a ton of sit ups for all the croissants.

  3. I absolutely love appearances by Trainer Barb.

  4. I think I'm in love...

    The place is gorgeous! Kind of reminds of England around the Cambridge area (well except for the horses). I am so glad you are happy and I cannot believe there is a mcdonalds right in front of where you bizarre!


  5. There is an inspiration to paint or draw the wonderful scenery.

  6. So beautiful!!! I've never been to France (or anywhere else in continental Europe, for that matter), and this post has me aching to go. Enjoy your new home!

  7. I would want the croissants! :) Trainer Barb sounds evil. Those are great photos of that town in France. Beautiful. That is amazing.

  8. MAGNIFIQUES les photos mademoiselle! Looks like you've ended up in a lovely city! And well situated geographically since based on your map location I'd say you're not far from some cool places to visit (such as the chateaux in the Loire Valley or Poitiers or Nantes or Paris...) ;o)

    Pretty horsies! :D


    (He decidido que voy a hacer todos mis comentarios en tu blog trilingües, ya que dijiste que querías mantener el nivel de los tres idiomas... ¡a practicar!) ;o)

  9. Sable is absolutely beautiful. The only Sable I'm used to is the Mercury Sable, which looks like an ugly, old man jelly bean.

    An Uneducated American

  10. Congratulations! You made it back to France. Best of luck with the new job. The pictures are amazing. Especially the chateau. Gorgeous!

    BTW, I would be out of control with eating all of the croissants I could too. French Trainer Barb would have to tie me to a chair or something.

  11. Please look after Barb the French Bean carefully Trainer Barb and don't be too harsh on her for her croissant weakness. They are oh so tasty and easy to give into (my own Trainer Stu gave up trying to stop me ratting them years ago).

  12. I mean 'eating them'. This is why I should never try and write comments from my phone. Darn auto correct.

  13. I just found your blog and appreciate that someone else loves cartoons as much as I do.

  14. Le belle! Tres belle!!

    Also, I need Barb the Trainer please! She can kick my butt I need it desperately.


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