Monday, October 11, 2010

The Lady with Killer's Eyes

Yesterday, I went to visit my colleague and French BFF, Mimi. While I had dinner with her family (really, they are more like a second family to me), Mimi recounted an incident in which she informed some of my former students that I would soon be assisting in their English classes.

For one of them, his memory synapses came on and said "Ah, Barbara? She's coming back? She's the lady who has killer's eyes!!!"

At this point, my brain made my mouth bolt out the following question:

I consider myself to be a rather docile person, so the last thing I ever expected for someone to say about me was that I had anything remotely close to someone who intentionally murders people. I asked Mimi to elaborate on what the student meant to say.

"What he meant when you had des yeux d'une tueuse was that you have a piercing gaze, that when you look at someone with sincerity, it seems as if you are boring into their soul."

That was pretty unexpected. I had secretly been half-hoping that meant that I have laser beam power like Superman and that I could kill with a single glance!

Nevertheless, I obtained, rather briefly, the illusion that I do have power, that I am not impotent over other human beings (a quality highly valued when you are in charge of running a classroom).

So, at the risk of offing some of you, I've debated and finally decided to share an image of my killer's eyes.


Are you sure you are ready to see this???

Like, are you absolutely positive you want to see my killer's eyes?

(Remember: what has been seen CANNOT be unseen!)

(This is your last chance to turn back!!!!)


My name is Barb the French Bean. My eyes peer into your soul.

Now, go do your homework!


  1. Whoa - those are 'killer' eyes, boring into my soul. I immediately feel guilty for slacking at work checking out blogs when I should have my nose to the grindstone. Back to work I go!

    (my boss surely would thank you had he known I was slacking in the first place)


  2. Ha! I love the nuances that get lost in translation. He's right though, you have gorgeous eyes. :)

  3. I think your eyes are PRETTY and not "killer"! :) French students seem to be quite ... weird. ^^

    Love, Cay

  4. your killer eyes just made me do my homework... AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY. my mind? totally blown.

  5. I already did my homework. o_O

  6. Doesn't "killer" mean awesome these "I found a killer dress on sale"...wouldn't "Killer Eyes" be a HUGE compliment???

  7. I agree with Stephanie. I think "Killer" eyes means beautiful, the way bad means cool, wicked means cool, wicked awesome means super get the picture.

    And you do have purty eyes. :)

  8. Thanks for all the compliments! ^.^

    See, I knew that "killer" means "super totally awesome," but this was referring to a possessive noun. :-P


  9. was the white almost dagger like reflection just to the side of the pupil added for dramatic purpose? ;-) cuz it worked im scared now ;-)

  10. Lol. I hadn't even noticed that dagger-like sparkle, Widow! Hmmmm...I guess it just happened naturally (you know, what with me having Killer's Eyes an all).


  11. I feel like you must now know all my secrets with your eyes boring into my soul. Pretty killer eyes though.


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