Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is Why Facebook Sucks

Most of you are probably on Facebook, and those of you who are not--GOOD.

Sure Facebook connects millions of people to each other, and it lets you chismosiar (Spanish for: to gossip) about every person you know. "Did you see, he's getting married to that skank!" or you end up finding out that the girl you dated in high school is now a lesbian and is engaged to your ex-fiance who magically turned into a lesbian after she had cheated on you with another man (or vice versa). Facebook also has the stalking feature as an added bonus for the ex-population, the guy who smells like a goat's ass that insists he is the man of your dreams, the girl who looks like a horse and doesn't get the clue you are not into her, and for those who have nothing much to do (like me).

Did I mention the games?? Oh yes how addicted I have become to the games. Wasting my precious time playing those games for I don't know about 5-6 hours, when I could be doing something useful like my homework so that I can graduate or work so that I can get money to buy myself a nice meal.

Anyways, my point is that though Facebook has some good to it, it also has some annoying, horrible malfunctions.

If you have ever been on facebook, then you will notice that you get this red little notification to the top left of the screen, alerting you of any new messages. Well as I clicked on the notification it took me to the message, but even after I had clicked on it, it would still not disappear. That notification was there for about 4 hours.

Another thing that seems to get on my nerves is when you can see everything the other person is doing...

Have you ever heard that Facebook can ruin a relationship? Well if you have not, it can. I've heard a few stories, and even I have had bad experiences with Facebook.

The following video is an example of just a few things that may actually happen because of Facebook:

Though it is very humorous, it is sad to say that couples have arguments over trivial things that tend to occur on Facebook.

Facebook also sucks because it has a whole movie about how it first started!! Not only is Facebook taking over the web, it is taking over the movie theaters. Even in movies that have nothing to do with Facebook, but you see it in the background somewhere...

Eventually I am going to start seeing Facebook on billboards and probably in Disney as one of the newest Disney characters.

Even with my complaints on Facebook and the Facebook taking over the world, I still want to see the movie. Crap...I think Facebook brainwashed me.

Hanny the coffee bean

(Note: none of the videos are mine)


  1. Oh how I am addicted to those friggin games too! I tell my friends I need a computer so my peanuts and cranberries don't wither! Ahhhhhhhh!!!

    My name is BeMistified and I am addicted to FaceBook.

  2. That video was funny, lol. Great post, I have a facebook, but I try not to spend too much time on it, I was never into the games on it either.

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  3. Mwahahahaha, stories like this always make me SUPER GLAD I've never EVER been interested in or joined Facebook. Never could figure out the big deal...if you want to contact someone, use e-mail! Or a PHONE. And I don't mean to text...People always freak out about personal space and then you post stupid things for the world to see and complain your privacy has been compromised...

    And as for Twitter...well, that's just an instant messaging service, right? So what's the big deal about it? No, seriously, I don't get it. Oo;

  4. ha ha.. Why is Facebook so intertwined in my breathing and living? When did this happen? I think it all began with Tom and his MYSPACE in high school. Sort of like the Military they get to you early and then I graduated and facebook seemed the only other way to go after graduation. I was an adult and I was done playing games. So it happened quickly and swiftly. And now here I am. Laughing hysterically because that video with the Facebook mock is SOOO trueee.. Ha ha. Luckily I have yet to experience that in a relationship but I know Myspace got involved with my relationship heavily. ughh.. Technology why do you continue to progress and drag me along??

    Sadly, I am so willing.

    Thanks this was truly entertaining and a great reflection of our current state in society.


  5. so true so true. I think facebook is going to cause a war some day.

  6. Another reason...sometimes the past needs to stay in the past. I don't need the people who used to give me wedgies in the locker room "friending" me 20 years later, thank you. Bastages.

  7. oh I LOVE this post! But I have to say, the day I see a facebook mascot gracing the gates of disney, would be the last time I go to Disney.

  8. I don't play those games on Facebook but you made some valid points. I saw the Social Network the other day. It was all right but I think it was overhyped.

  9. I don't play those games on Facebook either and in fact I pretty much only use twitter, and no facebook. But I still want to go see the Social Network. After you two see, let me know what you think! I might go see the movie this weekend.

  10. it is as addictive as blogging! Nope, wait... it's worse!!! But if you have friends and family spread across the globe then it's immensly useful for keeping in touch! pros and cons, right?


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