Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Introducing...Another Late Night Post with Coffee Bean

It seems that all my ideas come to me late at night, but they rarely are ideas, they are more like random crazy thoughts. Anyone who is around me late at night will find how disturbing my mind can be, you would think I was on crack, but no I do not roll that way. I would like to call it a natural high that creates this whole little universe inside my head filled with some very messed up things.

I for once think I am absolutely normal (If I compare myself to all the other disturbed geniuses).

My first thought of tonight was nothing out of the ordinary, it was the usual guy that filled my thoughts.

No, it is NOT my ex-boyfriend, who I so happened to see this afternoon, but my mind was in thought with this other guy. The mere presence of my ex could not disrupt my happy in like thoughts.

(Lets call this other guy-- boohbah (the weird creatures in the following video)).

Anyways, so boohbah has been a great friend to me for a couple of months, but slowly without me realizing it, I started to become very fond of boohbah. It is kind of complicated to explain the closeness I started to have with boohbah, which basically means that boohbah and I have swapped spit (imagine swapping spit with a real boohbah).

At first this was just something sweet, but the more time we spent together talking, laughing, being their for each other, and just having fun with friends, the more I started to realize how much in like I was with him.

There are times where I can't eat because he's in my head.

There are times where I can't sleep because he's in my head.

There are times where I can't move because he's in my head.

Honestly....none of that has happened, I eat, sleep, and move well, but he is almost half the time in my HEAD.

I have told him how I felt, but it was a while back, and I do not think Boohbah knows how much my liking for him has grown. I do not even think Boohbah knows that I want to date him.

I have never wanted to date anyone in my life. Usually I get the requests, and sure I'll date them after being persuaded, but it has never been the other way around.

Finally, I find the one person I want to date, the one who has not at all persuaded me to date him, and the one who has shown absolutely more maturity than all the other Teletubbies I've dated.

Yet I still have no idea what to do about how I feel. Would I really want to risk ruining a friendship because I have a HUGE crush on Boohbah or do I just hide my feelings away and pretend like I am not over Mr. Fucking Idiot Teletubbie? (Teletubbie has nothing on Boohbah!).

I think I will rest on it before I start talking about liposuction and bees.

Hanny the Coffee Bean

(of course none of the videos are mine...not as demented as mine would be. Btw the cartoon lyrics are from MC Hammer-Can't touch this).


  1. I totally had to LOL at the fact that you compared and contrasted Boobahs and Tellytubbies (but I have to agree that Boobah is better).

    I hope to find my own Boobah someday. ^.^


  2. Tell him. There's nothing as bad as "What if?"

  3. And, by the way, Hanny, please *don't* pretend that you are still not over Mr. Effing Tellytubby. If you did that, to purposely place a front just so you mask your true feelings, then you would only be achieve not being honest with those who are around you. And, ultimately, yourself.

    I say give it at shot, my friend! :-)


  4. You admitted that you've already made out with him. I know guys can be clueless, but assuming he's not there are two possibilities I can see.

    Your no-commitment kissing has given him the impression that you're easy(or at least a tease), but he still took advantage of the situation to make out with you, in which case he's kind of a jerk.

    He knows you're not easy, or a tease, and therefore he knows that your kissing actually meant something to you. There are two sub-possibilities here. The first is that he reciprocated because he really wants to date you, in which case yay. The second is that he doesn't want to date you, but was still willing to make out with you knowing that it would mean something to you. Another possibility that makes him kind of a jerk.

    The only thing you have to fear here is finding out that he's not the kind of guy you thought he was. So just tell him already.

  5. You have a HUGE crush on Boohbah!

    Tell him, I used to be a person that only went out with people who asked me so I ended up dating people I thought were OK. I decided long a go never to walk in anyones shadow. Wait, no thats wrong. I decided I wanted to go out with someone I picked not someone who picked me. To be fair the first attempt didn't work out but the second go has so far!

  6. Darling, the friendship is already tainted by you like-liking him. I vote for just going for it. If he's a poop about it, then he is a poop!

  7. Fizzee: very true...I hate "what ifs.."

    French: Thanks for your support ^^

    Little Shepherd: Nah, he's not a jerk. I am. I'm the one who seems to start it lately :/ I should tell him, I know I should...I just don't think I would like his reaction...

    Mrs. Midnite: you are right, I should chose them not them chosing me. I like your thinking ^^

    Amy: hmm very true it is...sighs

    Thanks everyone for your helpful advice!

    I'm guessing I will soon have an update about boohbah.

    boohbah vs. teletubbie round 2...

    (though teletubbie just died a while back)

    Hanny the coffee bean

  8. Hanny,

    I know Barb a little better than your fine self... but I have to say you SCARED THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF ME with this post. Not fair.

    The Red Teletubby gives me NIGHTMARES. They all freak me out! You need a warning on this post!! I'm typing in the fetal position.

    Go for Boobah! All soft and fuzzy like that. Life is short - take the chance. Don't wanna look back and be all like... "DAY-UM, shoulda woulda coulda".

    Have you checked out my BLAHHHG or is it just Barb? Am I loving in vain?

  9. You dated all the Teletubbies? That must have coursed some friction in the group during their Saturday morning performances.

    All joking aside the way you talk about him sounds really sweet. I'd say it's worth giving a shot or at least talk to him and see what his feelings are. The fact that you have these likes feelings for him has already changed your friendship. And don't forget we are guys, we need things spelled out for us sometimes. Maybe he feels the same way about you.


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