Sunday, October 24, 2010

My French Obsessions (#1): Vine-Covered Buildings

Thanks to my sickness-induced cabin fever (I've decided to sagely stay at home until I feel well enough to go outside), I commenced as some form of amusement sifting through some of the recent photographs I have taken with my trusty Canon PowerShot A530.

While admiring these pictures and dreaming of the day when I would finally feel in excellent health, a wave a nostalgia kicked in.

I then started to dig through some older photographs from my various trips around France last year and this springtime.

Semur-en-Auxois (La Bourgogne)

(Not Semur, but it's in Burgundy.)

Le Castellet (South of France)

Bougainvillea in Bormes-les-Mimosas (South of France)

Windmill that is somewhere in Montmartre (Paris)

Back in Burgundy

Flavigny (La Bourgogne)

Once I feel like I've got kick-butt stamina again, I will travel a bit. As it is, I am now on what will be my first set of school holidays: La Toussaint. I won't start working again until November 4th (Hey, that's my Mom's birthday! I gotta mail her a card!) so I had better take advantage of my SNCF 12-25 card to explore a bit of la Bourgogne.
That is, of course, assuming the trains are no longer on strike...

Barb the French Bean


  1. I'm gonna be the rain-on-the-parade poopy pants here and say that I recently learned how BAD creeping vine of any sort is for more modern day buildings.

    Those vines permanently stain siding, sometimes the suckers won't even SAND off, and they can push through siding slats or soffit slats, getting right into your typical home/townhouse.

    Fun, right?

    But those buildings look lovely. And I am assuming the older stone buildings that don't have typical soffits/insulated attics like we do can obvs handle it just fine.

    They look sooooo pretty.

    Hope you are feeling well (and are also not caught in an angry French mob) soon.

  2. All these photos are pretty, but I *love* the one with the river. :)

    Feel better! It's great to see that, aside from your sickness, you seem to be doing pretty well.


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